Selecting courses


While I’ve ridden Zwift the past few months, I choose an even or workout and just go with that.  With the new expansions including Leith Hill, I’d like to choose a group ride on that course, or select it myself. From where in the app do I select those new courses?  I did a group ride recently that took the “Road to Ruins””, but wouldn’t have known how to get there unless the computer made the choices for me. 




Because Leith Hill just came out, there probably won’t be any group rides or workouts that take place on it at the moment. if you want to ride it by yourself, just select one of the routes that include it like “Surrey Hills” “triple loops” or “greatest london loop” when you are on the start screen.

go to this link for details on all the routes and courses, and how to select them


I went riding in Zwift London yesterday and came upon direction road-signs as you would see in outdoors riding.

Reckon this is a much better approach than the usual image icons behind direction arrows.

Ride On!