Select default cadence sensor to pair

(Alexander Troiss) #1

Everytime i start Zwift, i have to manually pair my controllable trainer (Tacx Vortex).

Furthermore, i always have to change the paired cadence sensor from the signal that the Vortex sends, to my Garmin GSC10 (which is certainly better).

Could you implement a feature that allows to define a “default” device, which Zwift pairs with? So that i don’t always have to do the same clicks each ride. Thanks!

(Stef Levolger) #2

This would be a small, but welcome change.

(Gilles L.) #3


(Michael Henasey) #4

I use a KICKR and a Garmin GSC-10 for cadence. I have to manually pair the GSC-10 each and every time. Yes, it would be nice if Zwift remembered this pairing.


(m morris) #5

Pairing every time gets old quick!