Segments vs. Routes

I started riding a set route in Watopia (Serpentine route I think) and some miles in, I automatically started the Jungle Loop segment. My ghost rider PR popped up, which I loved, and began racing myself. Then, with just a few minutes left on the 4.8 mile segment, my route made a turn off of the segment, and the entire effort just ended.

I would expect that a segment wouldn’t be offered to me if I couldn’t complete it on the route. Or, if a segment comes up that will take me off the route, I should have the option to select/confirm I will “ride segment” and be able to finish.

This has happened to me more than once, and it is extremely frustrating to make an effort for a long time, only to lose out on completing the effort at the last second.

Hi @Megan_Deppen, welcome to the forums. The holo replay works on the jungle loop, aka jungle circuit, but not on serpantine 8. When you rode the jungle circuit a few days ago you can see that you were racing the holo replay.

When you rode serpantine 8 today you took a different route, so you turned onto the bridge in the center and the holo replay followed the jungle loop route.

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Hey Mike, I realize what happened. My feedback is that I wish this wouldn’t happen. It’s unclear as you’re riding if or when your route will remove you from a segment. Do you understand what I mean?

This kind of thing has happened to me before, and I think there are many simple solutions to this that you could validate with customers/user testing/data etc. Some ideas I can think of are:

-before a rider starts a segment (maybe only even if the segment is long enough it will take the rider off the route), prompt the rider to accept the new route with the segment in the ZWIFT companion app. (Or, just do this automatically)

-if a rider has started a segment, and the route they’re on is about to turn them off of the segment, highlight that turn coming up in red, and provide messaging that indicates they’re about to leave the segment. That way the rider can signal to stay on the segment route and leave their initial route.

Hope that helps!

Oh yes, this happens a lot with the hilly loop too as many many different routes intersect parts of the hilly loop and the leaderboard always pops up even though you are clearly not on that route. It can be confusing.

This is similar to the issue of the elevation profile in the mini-map being the profile of the road you are on and not the profile of the route you are on. My guess is that the routes are just routes, and the holo-partner is triggered when you cross a point in virtual space regardless if your route overlaps the loop/segment 100%. One would think that they could have programmed the holo-partners to only activate when on a route that 100% overlaps, but there are a lot of "one would think"s in Zwift… :smiley: