Segment PRS attempts missing

Hi there, I’m glad Zwift is offering a way to track your segment attempts, using the Companion app. But there are some attempts missing. Yesterday I received a batch for 5 attempts and I see only four in the app. There’s an attempt earlier and the later attempts. How can I add that one to my list?


Have you identified the one that is missing? Was it by any chance completed whilst in a keep together meet-up ride?

I don’t use the meet-up facility but @Dave_DuPlantis does and he kindly answered another of my meet-up questions.

Dave, do your segment times from keep together meet-ups go into your CA personal leaderboard Segment PRS? Thank you.

actually, the missing was is indeed a keep-together meetup ride. So that would explain that it’s missing? In fact, I’m pretty sure that that result isn’t strictly mine :wink:


I checked the routes from the last 3-4 banded meetups I was on, and everything I checked did show up in the Companion App, so at least from that small sample size, I would expect that even attempts from banded meetups would be visible. (They appear to be visible on Strava as well.)

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From Dave’s answer it appears all 5 of your segments should be showing on your CA.

Unless someone from Zwift pops into the forum and looks at this thread it is unlikely anything will/can be done to resolve your issue.

Contacting Zwift Support through the normal channels might be more trouble than it’s worth ?

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thanks for your time Ian and Dave, it’s not hugely important, I was just curious, and I can live with it :wink: thanks again