Seeing other riders info

(Allan Watkins) #1

When doing a group ride seeing other riders info like say their HR (which can remain hidden) but say based on whatever they put in as their max HR could be like a “health bar” of sorts like other games have (see screenshot) so someone knows when someone in their group is “in the red zone” and maybe make it a toggleable switch to display the actual value for that info.

This could work for power / etc…

And then a recap of the ride of like total KJ output etc for the group / individuals with who burnt the most at the top etc…

I’m sure some neat ideas can come from the following screenshot, it was a group with the group members on one side of the layout and the totals dps (damage per second) on the other side. I’m not sure how many typical MMO style games you all have played so I thought I’d toss this in here.

Sorry for the mess, but I pulled a suuuuuppppppeeerrrr old screenshot of world of warcraft lol.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hey Allan,

  1. That sounds really cool. If we can create a dedicated “Group Ride” interface for people that includes these stats (to only be shown if the other riders decide), that’d be awesome. I like that idea!

  2. No worries. We have many here who are well acquainted with WoW (as well as Guild Wars 2, Wildstar, and The Secret World) :slight_smile: