‘Seeding’ in races

I think it would really cool if you could see like the top 5 ranked racers in each grade, during the race (like a tennis seed in tournaments). It would add another dimension strategically, increase the importance on rankings and provide some good banter.

There was a pretty comprehensive article on Zwift Insider proposing something like this as a replacement for the current race categories. But Zwift decided to go with Category Enforcement instead :roll_eyes:

slightly different but might be of interest this website predicts winners.

I love the concept of that site, but if you haven’t already, take a look at past race predictions and results… It’s often horribly wrong! :rofl:

I’m consistently predicted to win or at least podium in C races including the Tiny Races, having recently been promoted and struggling simply to hang on to the lead group.

In other races, especially D where I’m quite familiar with the big hitters from before my promotion, the names I know will easily be top 5 if not winning are consistently predicted to be around midfield.

The prediction gets even more odd in recent site updates, because you can compare your power stats to other riders over a few durations, I’m forever chuckling to myself at riders I’m predicted to beat having better stats for all durations.

Good to know. I’ve not looked at it much since first release. I wonder if zwiftracing.app rankings might be a better method to predict winners.