Security Issues

Is there a way to see which IP connects to my Zwift account with date and hours?

Thank you

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. What are you trying to achieve, exactly? What is it that you’d like to learn?

You can use something like Wireshark to capture your Zwift IP data.

Or are you trying to see if someone else is using your account? Are you seeing Activities that wasn’t you?

Hi and than you for your answer.
This morning when I tried to connect to Zwift it didn’t work and said that maybe my password was changed.
So, I had to set a new password to connect.

So I tried to understand why I had this issue. Is someone connect to my account?

Thanks, I understand now. I don’t think you can see which IP has logged into your account, but I imagine Zwift support can see that.

I highly doubt that it’s someone else changing your password. From time to time some people do report this sort of problem. It’s unclear what the issue is. It might well be Zwift’s login servers having a temporary issue which fixes itself on its own.

I wouldn’t worry about it, but if it keeps happening (or you see an Activity on your account which wasn’t you) then contact Zwift support.

Ok so no worries.
Thank ypu for your answer :+1: !