Sector Stats Alpe du Zwift

(Andre Hufschmid) #1

 The new Section Timing is ok but pretty much useless. The times are not compared that’s one and the second more annoying one is that you can only see the best sector time until you started that sector and then its gone and nowhere to be seen anymore. So if you don’t always pay attention to that before you start you have no idea what it was. Good Idea but a poor realization. 

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #2

I noticed the same thing. It also takes up a big chunk of real estate on screen.

I find it interesting to have that data, but I could do with it as an option or just the time for the hairpin I am on at the moment.

Why do all that work to make a new ride up a mountain with fences so carefully rendered and then cover it all up with more UI clutter?

There must be a more elegant way to let us have that information when we want it and not force it on the screen. We’ll eventually have no view of the Zwift world at all!

The community has been asking for literally years for options to turn off features of the UI if they want.

RGT is in alpha and lets you do that…

(Nigel Pye) #3

I agree. All you need is the time for the sector you are on and that can be coloured red if you are behind or green if you are ahead of PR.  It could go purple if you set the best time of the day. You could also have a running total of how far ahead or behind you are on the sectors you have covered.

(B Durruti) #4

Drove alpe du Zwift yesterday and could no see, or activate a stats window. Only once there appeared on the route map (on my right screen moving from one to a next curve) one time I could beat. The other curves did not indicate anything (if I was going slower than before or faster…) How can I activate the stats sheet, did I overlook something? I really like the idea, after all you train to get better and it would be great how you are doing while you cycle upwards. Was disappointing after its announcement that other appeared on the screen!

(Jay Z | NYC) #5

Like many, I was very excited when I heard that the AdZ climb had this new segment timer.

And like the original poster, I found this new feature to be functionally unusable.

Not sure how many people here are familiar with ‘Speedrunning’, but it’s a community of people dedicated to completing video games as quickly as possible.

Like us, they split their games down into ‘segments’ and time each segment relative to their personal bests.

The timer looks something like :

and a video of an active timer :

I think that the Zwift implementation of this is obviously going to be a bit different, but has a lot to learn from these examples.


(Zee Kryder) #6

I already have segments times on strava, so it is just eating up the screen,

I would prefer it tells me if I am ahead or behind overall schedule.

So, at the overpass, am I 45 seconds ahead or 30 seconds behind schedule respecting the entire climb? How about a goal pace, like I could set it for 58 minutes.

then, the timer would say if I am ahead or behind that pace.

Better yet, a blue ghost pacer (BKool has this feature)… I have noticed that I go faster when I am riding with someone about my level/speed.


Looking forward to next update:)

(Simon Hevey TBR 138) #7

Guys, can someone help me out. I’ve done the latest update but cannot see the bend to bend timing panel.
Should it come up automatically on the climb or do i need to activate by a keystroke??

(Nigel Pye) #8

I use an iPad and it just appears on the left of the screen.  If I swipe the list to the left it disappears.  If I then swipe to the right where the list was, it reappears.

(Paul McCombes) #9

It’s a nice concept, but the execution is very poor.

  1. You can’t see your best time for the first segment at all.

  2. The segement times disappear at the start of the segment.

  3. Heart rate and instantaneous power are reproduced mere pixels away from where they already are.

  4. The last segment is missing.

  5. The last segment is missing (I know this is a repeat, but as it is such a big problem…)

  6. No idea if I’m ahead or behind schedule at any point of the climb, or how much by.

  7. There is no “time to end of segment”. There are “time to bonus” markers on the map which seems secondary (at best).

I’m not even sure what times are: best ever time of the segment, or time of segment during best ever time of the whole climb?

 Average power per segment is interesting, but I’d really prefer average power for the climb (I used the garmin to pace using this when I was trying for a goal) as it would be much more useful for pacing.

And for people who want to bag best sector times at least show the delta (and anticipated delta from about half way).


(G lorfindel) #10

Yup… why drop the segment PR?  There is plenty of space in the bottom left quarter of the blue segment box…  just put it there.

The information is there… so it should not take long to make it happen…

(G lorfindel) #11

I love Zwift!  I have been riding on Zwift for years, and I will continue to ride on Zwift.  I don’t mind paying for Zwift.

I realize that I am ultra critical… of myself included, and that can piss people off.   I’m sure some people will be hating on me for expressing my thoughts here.

And…  this particular issue seems to me a good example of how this… the ability to leave suggestions, is likely really just a way to make users feel better, as opposed to finding ways to improve things.

I know that just because I (or anyone else) have an idea, or wants to see a change in our experience, does not mean we can or should see that implemented.  We cannot, and perhaps should not always get exactly what we want.  That is not the way the world works.  I know that.  The people creating Zwift have to (should be) making their own decisions about what we see and experience.  That is their job, not mine, or yours.

And, in this instance, you… Zwift… have decided to present the rider with past stats for each ‘segment’ on screen.  Then, when the rider reaches a segment, the best time for that segment goes away!?  Why?  What could be the reason for that, other than simple oversight?

There is plenty of space in the current segment stat box (the lower left hand quarter of the box is empty) to still show the best time for the segment.

Since the information exists, and was just shown on the screen moments ago, would it even take a programer an hour to move that info into the current segment stat box?  An afternoon at the most.

The box exists.  The information exists, AND is useful only if it is known.  I cannot see any downside to moving this info into the existing space, and the cost is minimal.

Yet the suggestion has been here for a month and no action taken.  If it was, as I imagine, simply an oversight, then it is an equally simply and quick fix.  So…

I’ll finish by stating that I love Zwift!  I have been riding on Zwift for years, and I will continue to ride on Zwift.  I don’t mind paying for Zwift, and I am sure it will continue to improve and add even more features that I love.

Thank you!



(Jay Z | NYC) #12

In short, it boggles the mind that Zwift would make such a crummy, clearly flawed first version of a thing. It’s as if nobody tried it, or discussed it, or spent more than a few minutes imagining how it should work. The issue is not the segment timer - I imagine they will fix it in an update. What’s troubling is the window into Zwifts process that the segment timer represents…

(Mike Day) #13

I asked a question about the useless timer a few weeks back also. Did anybody actually try this out before it was put into the game? Either get it right or get it off the screen because all it’s doing at the moment is annoying people and clogging up the visuals.

(Kit Mitchell) #14

I’m writing well after the fact but, unless I imagined it, Zwift appears to have taken people’s opinions on the PB and implemented them accordingly now. I believe one can how see his/her PB for the sector he/she is one while riding it. 

Where my problem lies, however, is that the sector information obscures my upcoming workout segments. The Alpe du Zwift sector text simply plops down on the top of the workout list. That’s frustrating. 

Does anyone know a way to fix this?