Search Function

(Steve Clogg (LEAD)) #1

Any eta when the search function in the app is going to be fixed? It worked great for about 1-2 days but now if i search for riders say using the ZZRC group tag while our group ride is taking place instead of 30-50 hits it shows 1.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Steve, 

This searching function got broken due to some server adjustments in order to fix other issues and there is no ETA at the moment. If you need to find someone you will have to search for first name and surname. (it only searches for first three characters of each field - first name field and second name field) So for example if you want to find the rider called J.JonesZZRC you have to search for “J Jon” and it will find him. Other way of doing this would be putting the group ride code in front of the surname i.e. J.ZZRC Jones. This way you could search for ZZR and it would find all the riders taking a part in this ride. 

I hope it helps and please accept our apology for any inconvenience.

Thank you