Script Error Message

Keep getting this message when opening Zwift. Tried everything and it still comes up.
Rides have been crashing while uploading to strava as well and no records being recorded. Could it be because of this message and how do I get ride of it?? Cheers

I don’t think that message would be related to your crashes and uploads, what you’re seeing a launcher issue. The launcher is technically a separate application, and it runs based on your IE settings. This isn’t a common problem, so you might be able to fix it by clearing your IE cache and resetting all of the settings to their base settings.

As for your crashing issue, I’d definitely be interested in looking at that more. So that we can, could you write in to with all of the files in your Documents/Zwift/Logs folder, and a description of your issue? Additionally, your Windows Crash Logs would be very helpful, you can find those by following the instructions in this article:

If what I suggested doesn’t fix the launcher error, it would also be best to include that screenshot.

Ride On!