Screenshots are black (after linking Strava)

(David Skrzypek (ATL)) #1

Initially there were no issues with taking screenshots from mobile app.  After I purchased Strava Premium and linked the account, all screenshots would then be a black image.  In the Zwift folder I did find there was an actual screenshot used for Strava that included ‘clean’ in the filename.  The resolution of the images I tried to take is 4k while the Strava ‘clean’ picture is 1080p.


Any thoughts on how I can correct this issue?  I previously had no problems.



(Lindsay Ruppert) #2

Hi David - 

The photos that are displaying as black, are those the photos that are saved on the phone, or on the computer? Triggering a snapshot with the ZML saves one in both places.

(Brian Lemanczyk) #3

I am also seeing black screen shots on my phone when I take a snapshot using ZML. I have not checked the photos on the computer, but will check that when I get home. I only get one photo (that I didn’t take) in Strava regardless of how many snapshots I initiate from ZML. I this how it is supposed to work. I would upload more photos to Strava, but not much point in uploading pics that are all black. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 if that helps.

(David Skrzypek (ATL)) #4

Hi Lindsay,

I took the screenshots from the ZML app and whether I viewed it on my iPhone or on my PC, they were black.  Taking the photos directly from my laptop also produced the same black image.


(David Skrzypek (ATL)) #5


Are there any updates to this issue?  Any troubleshooting steps to recommend?


(Aidan Moore) #6

I am also having issues with screen shots. The images all appear black using the Zwift Mobile App and when using the keyboard from the laptop connected via USB. 

(Gary Stimson TeamBCG) #7

Any update on this issue? Any snap shots I take from PC or Phone are black. The only image that is OK is the one uploaded to Strava. 

(Mark Winter) #8

I had the same problem and got black snapshots when I used the “Duplicate Screen Mode” (same screen on laptop and TV). When I change to second screen only (or even laptop only), the snapshot functions works perfectly. 

(Richard Law (INC) A) #9

Was this ever resolved as i seem to have this issue now - didn’t used to. Any ideas how to fix it?

(R G) #10

Seeing the same issue here as well. New Zwift setup on a new PC, Just installed Zwift app on iPhone 6. Everything is connecting fine. New photos are appearing in folder on iPhone, but they are all black.  Tried opening/closing app on phone, no luck.

(Richard Law (INC) A) #11

For me this has fixed itself. I still don’t know what was causing it or what fixed it. 

(Peter Honkoop) #12

I thinks the duplicate screen function has something to do with this… I suggest only displaying your ride on either laptop/pc or TV, not both

(Richard Law (INC) A) #13

Agreed - I think it’s something to do with screen duplication. But I’m not sure why it sometimes does and sometimes not. However often it’s if I use the snapshot function on the mobile app the black snapshot is stored on my phone but my laptop actually has an image in the pictures/Zwift folder.

(Peter Denny) #14

Just had this today on my IPhone X. Photo saved to the phone is entirely black??

Is anyone at Zwift HQ looking into this issue?


(Andy Derbyshire) #15

Hi, I am having the same issue on my android phone. It is also creating duplicates. Strava occasionally attaches a photo I didn’t take. I know that Windows game bar treats Zwift as a game and can run in the background too. Will this be creating a clash?

(Alfonso Montes) #16

I do not believe this is due to multiple displays.  This appears to be a bug introduced with the latest upgrade of Zwift Companion.  I started having issues since the upgrade and had none previously.  Is there anyone from Zwift that can provide input?

(Leigh Kilday) #17

I had the same issue a few days ago. I thought I was getting some great screenshots of Alpe Du Zwift but they were just black images. Running on Android.

(B CN) #18

Same. Alpe Du Zwift  screenshots on ZML are black.