Screenshot with HUD are skewed

I have had an issue that started around November 9th. all my screenshots that display the HUD are all skewed, but the same pic that is “clean” is perfectly fine. I have tried all the usual things. Resolution changes, V sync settings, windowed mode. graphics driver updates and backdates, combinations of all. It still does the same thing. Also does it from the companion when I manually make a screenshot, anything with the HUD is Skewed. Any new ideas? I have no problems at all for any other aspect of ZWIFT than this.

Running Win 11 with an RTX 3070 and 128 DDR5 so my comp is more than capable of taking a screenshot. :slight_smile:

For me it is just the opposite. Screenshots with HUD are fine, screenshots without have a wrong aspect ratio. But it is just the aspect ratio. They are not skewed like yours.

(going to get a 4090 TI…)

Skewed images? That’s a first… What’s next? Ghosts? Skeletons?

Maybe giant chickens!!!

I guess I can just tilt my head to the right and squint…