Screenshot upload preferences ignored [November 2022]

Sort of defeats the purpose. The settings should work properly. If I take a screen shot, I want it uploaded. If I don’t, then nothing should upload. It’s worked that way for years, until an unvetted feature change was introduced.


Two months.


I am frustrated with this nearly every day! Honestly, I don’t know how Zwift tolerates these types of errors and essentially shrugs them off. The confluence of all of these “small” Zwift snafus is getting old. From my perspective, Zwift has gone all in on Racing and everything else to them is window dressing, and I think that is a shame. Allowing the core product to be diminished by poor quality control should never be tolerated. I’ve lost count of all of the empty promises and false hope that have been generated around features and bug fixes.

I am frequently reticent even to say anything about these things anymore, lest those criticisms are met with hand-waving “if you don’t like it, go find another platform” comments. And I am not so short-sighted that I don’t acknowledge that we inherently have a negativity bias. However, I can’t remember the last time that Zwift blew me away with something or even modestly over-delivered on its promises. Big updates are almost always fraught with bugs or unintended consequences. Features are often half-implemented and abandoned indefinitely, e.g., steering. Or lead times to simple execution are inexcusably long.

7 years on this platform, and while the platform has definitely evolved substantially, I have not seen the growth I would like to see, especially considering the company’s valuation. This should have been a simple fix. Sitting on it for months is just bad business.


When will this be fixed?

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Hi folks, thank you for your patience with this issue. Our teams are working on it and are planning to roll out a fix in an upcoming release. I’ll share more specifics once we have them.

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So the screenshots offered for potential upload will be the same (automatic+manual) with all options and the difference will be which ones will be selected by default? Personally fine with that (not really interested enough in this to bother to find out what the different options currently do in reality), as long as the option to upload zero screenshots is available no matter what this option is set to.


Yep, that is correct!


I have Image Uploading set to Only My Shots, but for months Zwift is still auto taking images. It would be great to both have the setting fixed, and to be able to deselect all images and not upload any, even if there is just one.

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After my report was merged into this thread I saw this and now I have my setting on ‘Never’ and while I’m still able to take screenshots, this results in no images being shown available for upload, not just that none are selected on the final save screen. The shots still exist and I can probably go toggle the setting if I actually do want to add any but that’s a pretty clunky work around.
Edit: The auto-shots are still being captured also!

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Hi folks, we rolled out a fix for this issue in Zwift game version 1.33.5 which was released for all platforms on March 15, 2023. Now, screenshots (both photos and videos) will properly respect your “Image Uploading” setting (and we’ll be renaming that setting to be clearer that it works for both photos and videos in an upcoming update).

Thank you all very much for your patience.

Does this mean that no screenshots will be uploaded at the end of rides anymore if you have set it so?

I briefly noticed at the end of a ride last night that there didn’t seem to be the usual selection of screenshots at the end of the ride. Unfortunately I wasn’t really paying attention and had already clicked through that screen so I couldn’t inspect it more closely. I only had a second or two to notice what had changed.

Also, are the screenshots still taken during the ride but just not shown at the end of the ride? So I will still have to clear out the Zwift application folder on iOS ocassionally to prevent the build up of screenshots?

EDIT: It might be uploading at least one, I see on my activity feed on the zwift website that my ride last night has one screenshot.

Correct. If you have it set to “Never”, you won’t see the screenshots you manually captured as available for upload, nor automatically-captured screenshots during Notable Moments. If you have it set to “Just My Shots”, you will just see the screenshots that you manually captured, but no Notable Moments.

Right. If you manually capture screenshots, or if you have a Notable Moment, those files are stored locally. For Video Screenshots, you can disable the feature entirely in Settings which will result in it saving no files locally as well.

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So, I would like to have the option of choosing from Notable Moments and my own screenshots and only upload images I have manually chosen. Is this currently possible, or is having to unselect everything you don’t want to upload the only thing on offer?

To achieve this, you would have to set your Image Uploading setting to “Always” (so that it would capture and queue up content from both your Notable Moments as well as your manual screenshots), and then deselect any content that you didn’t want to upload in the End Ride screen.

Yes, thanks, I figured out as much on my own. It does still not seem to be possible to select zero images for upload if you select “Always”. Anyway, I would prefer to have an option with the automatic screenshots taken but unselected, and my own screenshots either selected or unselected by default.

Thanks for that feedback! We are still looking at further ways to improve the overall user experience of the End Ride/Run screen, including screenshots, so we’ll keep working on this!

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This is still an issue for me on version 1.34. Image uploads are set to never, but I still get the random images from Zwift. Am I missing something?

I’ve made the screenshot above manually, and this one is as stored to my local phone library.

But when I ended the ride and wanted to upload the picture. Zwift removed the power overlay and only uploaded the picture of the road

So made the top one, when uploading Zwift alternated the picture to the bottom one.

I have noticed my Zwift pics folder filling up on my hard drive even though I have selected only my photos…have just set it to never and will see if auto pics are still saved. They don’t queue up at end-of-ride, but still have about 8 screenshots saved per ride.

@steinardo Could you share a bit more on what you’re observing? With Image Upload set to never, your images will not be uploaded to Zwift or Strava at the end of your activity, but they will still be saved locally.