Screen Recording on iOS - full rides

It would be great to have the ability to record the full ride on iOS devices directly from the app.
A start and stop recording button could be added both on Zwift app and on Companion app to allow for the recording be started and stopped.

First thought was you might run into space on your ATV to store such video. it would a cool feature or maybe to save storage a built in stream mode where you could stream to youtube/twitch from in game would be great.

I was thinking more of the iPhone/iPad but that solution of direct streaming would solve the space limitations on the device,

Don’t have an iPad, but wouldn’t this do it for you?

Good thing iPhone/iPad already have the ability to record the screen.

You can even set it up on the iOS control center to record quickly and easily at any point in time by swiping to open the control center.

The iPhone can record the screen if you’re not connected via HDMI to a TV, like I use. In that case it says screen recording is not available hence the request for a native recording feature in the app.