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There is an orange horizontal bar on the main screen underneath the speed/distance/elevation/time. I was told it represented either wattage or heart rate. However, when using my 2018 KIckr (no heart rate monitor) I don’t see any rhyme or reason to what it’s measuring. If it measured my wattage I’d expect it to behave like a tachometer, but it doesn’t. What am I missing?

Thank you.

If you are referring to this orange bar, then it is how far you are from your next level. ie the screen shot show this person is close to reaching level 17. level progression bar


Thank you. This is what Zwift told me so obviously I didn’t describe it well.

The graph that you are referring to is known as the Watt/HR graph, you may toggle this by pressing the letter “G”, other keyboard shortcuts are available as well, if you would like to view these follow the link that I have provided! :slight_smile:

That is why i like adding pictures so tat we know we are talking about the same thing. Also having used Zwift for almost 3 years make it easy to answer questions.

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Thanks again for the help.

The power graph at the bottom is not displayed when I ride. How do I fix that?

Hey MWT! If you’re on Mac or PC press the G key and it should toggle it.

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