Screen is too busy! Get rid of "Close the Gap"

(Brad Finn/Cyclepaths) #1

Can there please be a way we can turn off “Close the Gap” and players names appearing over their avatar? I beg you!

When riding in a pack there are the only two things on the screen. Make the screen simple! Just want to ride and enjoy the view! Not to constantly told to close the gap!

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #2

I’d vote for getting rid of the giant “Close the Gap” graphic.  Replace it with something smaller, and more useful for staying in the draft.

(Iain Botheroyd) #3

I agree - after a while you know when you are close enough to benefit from the draft. And sometimes you’re not bothered about drafting anyway.

(Zee Kryder) #4

It is very useful for racing.

(Bhaltair Gruamach) #5

I like this idea.  A Draft Power bar.


(Ken Ridout) #6

Why “Close the Gap”?  There’s no reward for doing so.  Watching my power meter and the Cyclops power meter on screen, there’s no decrease in effort when one closes the gap, anyway.  Every ride feels like a time trial. Would LOVE to get rested up for a sprint or take turns drafting and taking pulls.   “Close the Gap” sounds like someone at the back ,hollering up to riders up front that are having trouble keeping up.  That’s not the issue on Zwift.  It tells me to close the gap to riders to which I’m coming up on quickly (because they’re going much more slowly).   

Drafting (or the lack thereof) is the only issue I have with Zwift.  Wishing for greater realism.  But I don’t need “Close the Gap” telling me; especially when there’s no reason to close it.   Maybe a green area when we’re actually IN THE DRAFT and feel it would be cool.