Screen is blacked out.

(Aleksei Filimonov [TK MGTU]) #21

Same here, Redmi Note 4

(Adam) #22

Device: Lenovo Tab 4 10 (TB-X304F)
Android: 7.1.1
Zwift android app version: 1.0.32197

Can enter the game, can hear sounds, can see the menu, mini-map, but the world’s backround is black.

Thank you

(Martin) #23

Lenovo Tab
Same thing everythings seems to work fine but the screen is blacked out.

(Sententsiya Sport) #24

xiaomi Mi A2 is a black screen, and the problem is not solved

(Rui Melo🇵🇹🏊🚵🏃) #25

Same problem


(Jose Antonio Diego Gonzalez) #26

Same problem with Huawei MediaPad T3 7.0 1.4Ghz 3GB RAM 32GB memory

Is it that graphics are not good enough? Can I pick lower settings to see me on screen whatever quality I get?

(Marek Hudák) #27

I have the same problem (black screen) with xiaomi A1 M1. Zwift ver. 32.

(Ken Eucker) #28

I also have this problem on my Motorola Moto G4

(Rico Au Canada) #29

I just downloaded the Android App and I have the same issue. The scenery and riders can not be seen but I do see the riders names and flag. All other parts of the screen can be viewed fine.

I have a Sony Xperia Z4 tablet which has a 2K display.

(Lars Engstrum) #31

Hey you Zwifting administring types.
The very aforementioned problem still persists even after the recent android update. Great shame as my “lovely” ex requests my laptop just when I want to use it and having the phone version streamed to my smart TV would be a great substitute. That would be of course if it didn’t represent Zwifting, deep in a Welsh coal mine. Please brighten things up a little.
Apart from this, Zwift is amazing. Cheers for your transformation of the smart trainer world.

(Michael Hanf (Zrg)) #32

Same problem!
Sony Xperia Z5 compact.

(Vincent) #33

Hey guys, we’re working on a fix for the black screen issue and it should be implemented as soon as possible. Please stay tuned, we really appreciate your patience!

(Sam Roderigues) #34


moto x4
android v9

(Andreas) #35

Same problem on HTC U11 Life with Android 9.

(peter) #36

Same problem with Lenovo tab 4 10 plus, Black screen

(no mad [TG]) #37

how about the fix? estimated release date?

(Michael) #38

Same Effekt with Xiaomi A1 with Android 9.0

(Konrad) #39

Same issue here:
Device: Xiaomi Mi A2, Android version 9, security patch 5th Jan 2019.
Zwift Version: 1.0.32519

(Garry) #40

Another potential subscriber here with black screen on Lenovo Tab 4. I look forward to a fix.

(Henk de Beer) #41

The black screen issue is fixed on my Mi Pad 4 in the 26 Jan update. Looks nice and smooth, but unfortunately still doesn’t control my H2, so PC will still be my default