Screen is blacked out.

(Choi JongHwan) #1
  • Device : Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • Zwift Version : v 9 - 1.0.27632 PRo


All menues and mini-map are visible. But main screen is blacked out.

I’ve reinstalled Zwift App, but the same thing happens.


(Ho-Young Cheon) #2
  • Device : Samsung Galaxy S9+

  • Android Version : 8.0.0

  • Zwift Version : v9 - 1.0.27632 Pro


The main screen is Black out.

Be identical to theuser above


Same thing. Galaxy S9+, Viiiva HR, 2016 KickR. Black screen plus massive drops of sensor signals.

(Matz Seifried [WKG] (B)) #4

Same thing with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

(Mathew Stone - Team ZF) #5

I also had this yesterday - Samsung Galaxy S9, 

(SJ W) #6

Same here - Samsung Galaxy S9

(Mark Mason - Drouin Cycles) #7

Same here also.
Galaxy s9.

Looks the same as screenshot above.

Devices pair ok.

Went for a ride with black screen and rider still moves in the world & kms are logged. (just cant see him)

(Mark Mackay Coventry CC) #8

Zwift is not supported on UK spec samsung S9/9+ for some crazy reason…

(Raymond Ordoveza) #9

Blacked out screen Huawei Nova 2i as well

  • Device : Huawei Nova 2i (RNE-L22)

  • Android Version : 8.0.0

  • Zwift Version : v9 - 1.0.27632

On top of this the app loading time is really slow. It starts recording metrics and the rider is presumably moving but the timer is reading 13 seconds for every 5mins of actual pedaling time.

(Richard Kuan6330) #10

Exactly the same with Android TV Box Tanix TX92

(Yeehong Tan) #11

Exactly the same with my huawei Mate 10 pro. And the app seems lag n slow.

and the screen resolution kinda off as the loading screen with the “Ride On.” logo seems off centered.

(Mo Aerospace) #12

Hi all,

  • Device : Samsung Galaxy S9 European version

  • Zwift Version : v9 - 1.0.27916 Pro

  • HT - Elite Qubo digital B+

It works perfectly, all devices are working (expected Garmin Heart monitoring, I used my suunto smart sensor).


Good rides


(Henk de Beer) #13

Getting the same on my new tablet, Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, can see the menus, login, map, but not the actual game. Sent a log and screenshots.

Luckily it still works on my other tablet (Teclast T8), so I was able to ride last night. Just odd that it doesn’t work on the much better Mi Pad.

[Edit] Based on a comment in the compatibility thread, I checked again a few minutes ago on the New York course, and there I can see the game, just with a red hue