Screen going blank, power meter and heart rate dropping out

I am new to zwift and enjoying it so far…with a couple of problems that hopefully we can get sorted.

  1. Power/cadence drops out intermittently. Not a huge problem while doing training sessions but quite annoying when I’m riding with other people and I come to a complete stop on a extended climb. My heart rate monitor also drops out intermittently. I have a USB extension that brings the dongle about an inch away from my power meter which is hub-based. I do not have an extension for the Bluetooth dongle and perhaps that would help with the heart rate problem? Even with the ant Stick right next to the power meter, it’s still drops out sometimes for several seconds at a time. The second problem, which has just started happening, is my computer screen going blank in the middle of a ride. Sometimes I don’t even get to the ride and it goes blank. I should mention also that there are times when my computer doesn’t even recognize my power meter and I have to restart the computer and/or zwift to get everyone talking to each other. Lately it’s become more difficult to do all of that. I hope that’s a relatively clear explanation of what’s going on…

Hi @Christopher_Thacher, welcome. I had problems like this and was advised to get an Ant+ dongle and for me it sorted all the issues.

Thank you for the reply Richard… I’ll give it a shot!