Scrapping Zwiftpower

Anyone had any experience with scrapping race results in zwiftpower? I’m looking into using beautiful soup, has anyone had any success, any tips or pointers?

Thank you in advance


I fiddled around last week. Have something working in Python but need to built in some column checks first, since with primes races it offsets and doesn’t seem to be consistent. Still need to fiddle around more to make it more robust.

What it does now is login, get race results from a raceid and puts it in a python dataframe. Stole most of code of git somewhere, don’t have link on this phone but will add later.

Thanks Stan, if you could that’ll be great! :grinning:

best check with Zwift’s legal team if you are scraping results :rofl:

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Scrapping or scraping?


Here is what I used as inspiration.

Had to make some changes and built in the logging in automatically but code mostly speaks for itself. If you built something out of this please share :slight_smile:

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Best keep it on the low down :wink:

Then they should make an API… Would do wonders for community development.

Well they have one, it just isn’t public hence people (me included) will scrape.


exactly, like many things they need to give the power to the users and organisers would greatly help the platform grow.

Thank you Stan :grinning: