Schwinn MPower Echelon 2 with Zwift? How to Pair?

(Matthew Wilcko ZHR C) #1

I have a Schwinn AC Performance Plus with the Schwinn MPower Echelon 2, but can’t get it to pair. I have an Ant+ USB stick attached to my PC. When I start Zwift, the ANT icon is animated to show its looking for a signal. However, it never connects to my bike. Do I have to do anything specifically on the MPower console or with Zwift?

Right now, I’m stuck on the Paired Devices menu with these options: Run Speed, Speed Sensor + Classic Trainer, Heart Rate, Cadence, Controllable Trainer… Which one do I select for my exercise bike?

The MPower console is at about half battery life, I’m going to try a new set of batteries too.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Matthew,

It should pair as a power source. Have you tried that? It’s not really a speed sensor nor does it control resistance so it’s not a controllable trainer.

(Matthew Wilcko ZHR C) #3

I did figure this out. I had to go into the config menu and turn ANT on. I guess its not on by default to conserve the battery.

(Kreig Kuiper) #4

I just purchased the Scwhinn AC Performance Plus with the MPower Echelon 2 (red). I also had to go into the settings on the console and turn on the Ant+. I purchased a “cable” from North Pole Engineering to convert the Ant+ to BLE and then Zwift was able to register my power and everything worked well. The link for the cable is:

(Matthew Wilcko ZHR C) #5

Kreig,  how reliable is the power meter working for you with zwift? Using Ant+ with zwift, watts randomly drops out for 3 seconds several times during every ride. Are you running into that with your solution above?

(Kreig Kuiper) #6

I have had similar issues in my first two Zwift rides. I am planning to calibrate the power sensor again and put the NPE cable closer to my phone and see if that improves the accuracy.

(Matthew Wilcko ZHR C) #7

Kreig, I’m afraid you are going to find there is no real solution for the drops outs. I’ve tried just about everything: 2 different ant receivers, various usb extension cables, unplugging everything near the bike, etc.

I think its some kind of issue with the Echelon2 itself. I’ve tried Schwinn support, but they didn’t offer any real assistance. Please contact Schwinn support though, perhaps if enough raise the issue, they will look into it.

Not 100% sure, but I think the cut outs occur less frequently is you do not mix in a HR strap.

I’ve learned to ride near the front of the packs hoping that power cuts back in before you fall off the back. Save your energy for sprinting back.

Please write back if you find any fix.

(Kreig Kuiper) #8

I found a fix - the power sensor was missing the necessary magnet. My power numbers are now stable and very close to what I would expect outside.

Pic without magnet:

Pic with magnet:

(Carolina Saenz) #9

Hi! I just got the same bike, can you please tell me a step by step on how to setup?
Did the NPE cable work? Other than the NPE cable, is there anything else I would need to purchase? Does the console data transfer to zwift? Even HR?
Was the magnet not installed initially or did you purchase that separately? If so, where?
Thank you in advance!

(Kreig Kuiper) #10

Hi - the NPE cable works well, it is really just a small sensor which you tap to activate and place near the console. You will have to download an app to your phone for initial setup and use during workouts. The instructions which come with the cable are very easy.

Start the app when using the bike, and pair the NPE cable. Once the cable is activated you can start Zwift. This will allow you to show power and cadence in Zwift. I use a Garmin HRM which also pairs in Zwift, but this does not require the NPE cable to pair because it is already an Ant+ signal.

The magnet was missing from my bike - they forgot to install prior to shipment. Your bike should have one if you have the power option for your console. My power worked without the magnet but fluctuated wildly and was very erratic.

Hope this help…Kreig