Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike

Here is the translation from German to English about fixing the problem:Indeed, there is a problem here. The good news is that we already have a solution. There will be new software that will fix the problem. In mid-May we can probably make these available. Possibly a little earlier.

They are stored with us as a customer and, so to speak, in backorder for the new software. We will inform you about the exact process in good time. There are various options for new software. USB sticks or new displays. But as I said, we will communicate this in time.

OMG!!! That sounds great!

Do you know how we get registered as a customer I am in the Uk

Hey Lewis, I’ve been emailing about the issue, currently awaiting a response but that seems the best contact for UK that I’ve found. I’ve also asked them to post an update for everyone on this channel… :crossed_fingers:

Please look up your respective contact details for your location following this page Kontaktieren Sie uns | Nautilus

UK would be

I am also in contact with Schwinn regarding some very strange sounds my bike is producing.!AmpWtUsnCxr1itU5bEdiaoG86oMSQQ

Anyone else experiencing this behavior?

The IC8 bike is badly calibrated for Zwift to begin with, but there’s a solution coming…they tell us.

So even if you use the ‘training difficulty’ option, your data on Zwift will not be correct and you get DQ after races, like many Schwinn IC-bike users.

What I do is just keep cycling at a pace that feels good: flat, mountain up and descending…all the same.

It’s a shame that we get DQ after races but don’t forget: keep on pushing with intervals and your VO2 max will improve…and for me that’s more important than winning races with Zwift.

Hii mates!! I just got news from nautilus! They’ve sent me a replacement console that it’s supposed to solve the problem.
I wrote them april 28th and got the answer today.
As soon as I receive it and test it, I’ll tell you if it’s solved.

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That would be awesome news, i would almost prefer they just send them to us vs having to go through the dealer and wait for them. I should reach out to mine to see if they know about this.

I was explaining how to set your ‘training difficulty’…I have set in on ‘maximum’ and it really works: more rotations uphill and heavy rotations downhill and straight.

It’s sort if automatic shifting gears…

I sometimes have a ‘squeeking’ sound in the crank set…this bike just can’t handle me😅

Your sound I don’t have.

Question: if Nautulis/Zwift can’t or won’t fix our Zwift problem, can we return the bike since there is a two year guarantee…?

that is good news @Pedro_Jose_Villa_Lop

Do you have a power meter to check the accuracy to determine if it is solved?

I’ll ask for it. But at least I will compare with my previous ftp test, trainings and those stuff…to see if it’s a difference…

After having read about the issues on reliability of the watts readings I yesterday tried to fit my Watt padels to compare. During a 40 min very hard training the IC8 averaged watt reading showed 309 W and the padels (Assioma Duo) average reading was 289 W. Difference around 7 %.
Hence, indeed also my IC8 report watt’s being on the high side, but at least in my case not that much higher. I also trying comparing at lower power. Here the IC8 measured 145 W averaged and the padels 140W. Hence, at low power the IC8 appear actually to measure less then the padels.
I am looking forward to the update.
Ride one!

Hi @Jesper_Lindelov

Zwift power has a very nice tool that you can use to compare your data sets, it will interesting to see how they compare.

see ZwiftPower - Login

@Gerrie_Delport: Thanks for pointing me to that page. Indeed a vary nice tool making the analysis very easy. Below a link to the comparison:

At which resistance were you working on? I feel that at low resistance the watts seems to look more realistic.

@Pedro_Jose_Villa_Lop: I am varying the resistance during the race in order to keep padeling speed at around 80 rpm (75-95). Normally the resistance will be at around 20 to 40 in a race. I do not think that I have ever had the resistance higher then 50. I am aware that it goes to 100, but not with my legs. I have not performed any “calibration” of the Schwinn IC8 Below link to a analysis that I did during the short warm up prior to the race:

Mates! I just received the new console, tomorrow I’ll test it. I’m not sure about what to do, I’m thinking of repeating the activity I did today to see if the watts are similar.
Or maybe I should repeat the ramp test?

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Hello! Here I am after testing the new Console. I couldn’t repeat the ride I did yesterday because the map has changed. But I did a FTP Ramp Test and I think there are good news! I attach pictures.