Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike

Hey there😊

I have the same problem with my IC8 bike: after 9 races my results were suspended (ZRFG) due to ‘unrealistic power’. I have to give Zwift proof of my level via Strava but I don’t have Strava, only Zwift Power.

I won two races but that was not easy, I had to go all the way and above my FTP.

Before I started to compete in races, I trained 2500 km and 35 km climbing. I am a triathlete and have an excellent condition, so not a rookie with no cycling experience.

This is kind of frustrating. Is your problem solved, and if yes, how…?


Couldn’t you just go for a ride outside? Just record your ride with Strava and ideally install some power meter pedals. That should do the trick.


It’s a known problem…I hope either schwinn or zwift can solve it, because I find it unfair that we are banned because of a mistake of the bike…

I would assume it is for Schwinn to solve, Zwift show the power as received from the trainer/bike.

If you connect the schwinn to a bike computer you will probably see the same power numbers as on Zwift.

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With all the pelotons, runners, skaters, nordic walkers, etc. etc. at the cycling paths, I personally do not dare to take the risk of going biking outside with the current corona situation…

Mid may…? That would be nice. Can you keep us posted if you hear anything…?

Yes…I’m trying to follow different forums about this issue…if I know everything I’ll post it. The information about mid-may is not mine, another user said it on the thread before.

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I just contacted the store where I bought my bike: it’s a well known problem. Bikers with this problem will receive a new console (for free, offcourse), which should be ‘in line’ with Zwift.

Unfortunately, due to the coronacrisis it can take some time before the new consoles can be delivered.

If I know anything, I will post it here😊

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Thank you very much!

Hey there,

I just got my new Schwinn IC8 speedbike, installed Zwift on my Android tablet, conntected the IC8 as “Power Source” and the other options (except for the control-option)
Then I started riding, saw the percent gradient on the mini-map…and…and wondered how to set up the resistance of my bike to a appropriate value?
In KinoMap for example the app tells you the percentage to set on your bike for a specific gradient value. However, Zwift doesn´t (at the first and second glance) - so can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,


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That was me being in contact with Schwinn/Nautilus. I will keep this thread updated.

That’s a very personal decision of course and totally relatable. Anyway, it will most likely be the only way “to deliver some proof” of your actual fitness. BUT, even if you would prove the SAME results on the street with Strava (which I don’t believe you could), you will most likely still have an unfair advantage during races since the Schwinn definitely has a certain (varying) offset in terms of power readings. Imho no Schwinn user should participate in races until Schwinn has fixed the consoles.

It definitely needs be solved by Schwinn. It seems to be proven that not alle Schwinn bikes have the same offset in power meter readings so there would be no way for Zwift to level that out. But as I said, it is a known problem and Schwinn is currently developing a fix.

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Go to the orange ‘menu’ button on the underleft side of your screen.

Tap on the orange ‘wheels’ (settings) button right under side of your screen.

In the settings menu you can change the feel in gradient changes with ‘trainer difficulty’.

You can then use the manual knob on the bike for heavy/light rotating.

I’m sorry Edwin, what is that for?
What about creating a telegram group for being updated on this issues?

I totally agree: why race when you know you’re going to be DQ…?

Untill then: Watopia, long runs, intervals. Good training will always lead to improvement and that’s the most important😊

Updates should be posted here to be available for all users of this forum. Please no private groups outside of this forum.

Yes, that’s true. Let’s see if we can have solutions soon!! Great rides to everyone!

Thanks for your answer :+1:
But that doesn’t solve my problem.
I still cannot see what difficulty level I have to set on my bike, when Zwift-minimap says, for example 8%gradient.
Should I set 30% or 80%?
Thanks again

Just trial and error. This is the price you have to pay for using this bike instead of your road bike with a smart trainer. I don’ have a a fixed threshold that I always chose for a certain steepness. If you are heading for Alpe du Zwift and fighting your way up the mountain, make sure to not got below a certain speed. Stand up and set the resistance accordingly. Watch your heart rate and enjoy.