Schwinn IC8 Spin Bike

Hi all, one month into Zwift and loving it. My only ‘issue’ appears to be that surely my settings cannot be right. I’ve won most races I enter but I’m new to cycling! I’m 77kg, 175cm 38yr old male. I’m pretty fit after years of football and running but seem to be going too quickly!!
I bought a Schwinn IC8 so all settings (power, cadence and sometimes controllable, but never seems to actually control resistance, it’s mainly manual for me ) automatically connect, bar a hr monitor via my Garmin watch.
I’ve correctly entered my weight etc so not sure what else I can do?
I’m here for the fitness mainly but enter races if the time and distance is correct (around 20-40km) start off towards the back of the pack but before long I’m out in front past the main leading group… I’m being accused of cheating but I’ve no other settings to change?
What am I doing wrong?!:joy:

How do you pair your Schwinn IC8? You should pair as power source and controllable.

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It automatically connects via Bluetooth a power source and cadence. More recently it also connects controllable as well, but to be honest I haven’t noticed it getting harder going uphill or easier downhill?

Thanks for the reply!

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All looks ok from a pairing point of view but no way can I average 5+w/kg…:joy::joy:

This is a known issue. Bowflex/schwinn bikes have an incorrect power output, and they recognize it. They originally stated that the bike does not have an upgradable firmware/power-curve. Then they said that they are working on it.

In the meantime, Zwift should not accept power outputs from the schwinn ic6/Bowflex c4 bike, as they are significantly inflated.

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Thanks for this, so currently the only way to get accurate data is to then go and splurge another small fortune on power meter pedals?
When you say they are working on it, do you know if this is for new bikes only? Who ‘owns’ the power curve that Zwift uses to calculate the output?
If it’s Schwinn then there is no way my bike could be fixed is there? If it’s Zwift then it could be corrected in its software and it’s possible then that my bike is usable in Zwift at some point?

Bit annoying given the bike was £900​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:!!

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Schwinn/Bowflex said they are working on it, but didn’t give a timeframe. I don’t have any confidence in them fixing it because they were so careless on the original power curve.

Zwift just takes the numbers from the power meter.

I’ve contacted them directly. Even if they corrected this going forward, I’m screwed as it’s not like you can update software within the bike via an update is it?! Grrr!

Are you in the same position @Remnant ?

I am in the same position. I decided I didn’t want the bike and ate the cost of the return.

They really should take it back without charge, as it is defective.

I’ll see what Schwinn say. If they want to throw my way some power meter pedals so I can use those instead I’d be more than happy :joy:
I love the bike itself, absolutely silent and easy to move around and build quality is good, just very annoying about the power output!


I just purchased the IC4, which seems to be what yours is called in the US. Do you change the resistance in-ride? Does the power meter reflect the increased output with a higher level of effort? Is there some fix on Zwift’s end, I wonder? My rides (3) seemed to be surprisingly easy, so far. Now I know.

Please keep me posted on what you hear back.

Hi @Chris_Middleman yes when I change up the resistance the output shoots up (assuming my room is the same) so it is relative to what I’m cycling at the time, it’s just that the whole scale seems to be pitched too high up the scale. To be able to do 30+ km at over 5w/kg just isn’t right!!

I’ve been onto Zwift and Schwinn, though Schwinn redirected me via their FB messenger to their specific website as their indoor cycles are made by a different company.

I will post any replies I get on here!

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for messaging us back here at the Zwift support team.

We’re sorry the fix to this specific issue would come directly from the bike manufacturer third-party ‘Schwinn’. We’ve seen some manufacturers of indoor bikes be very clear that you’ll need sensors to use indoor bikes with Zwift. We don’t have any official information here for why they’re not more specific about the Schwinn IC8. The only information we can say is that your indoor bike is not officially supported by Zwift. Please check the Zwift webpage Check Your Existing Gear.

We have unofficial information here that third-party Schwinn has recognized that the power curve in their current firmware is incorrect and significantly inflated. They may be working on a fix and then all you would have to do is update your firmware for the indoor bike. We don’t have any official information here so we can’t confirm that for you. I think the best information will come directly from third-party Schwinn. Please contact them directly and tell them of your exact situation and your frustrations that you’ve shared with us.

If you have any questions please message us back.

Ted M.
Member Experience Agent


I wish I knew this before I bought the bike. I’ve been waiting 3 weeks for delivery and now that I finally have it I find out that I can dish out 500w without sweating too much. In real life I can barely make 250w :slight_smile:

Is there a way to fix this by “calibrating” the output? Basically I’d take 50% of the value as truth.

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Exactly! I have literally just been onto Schwinn again as they never replied back last time I contacted them!
If everyone who has this issue contacts them on their contact page or via Facebook (they do redirect you to their website as the bike is made by a third party) then eventually I’m hoping there is enough momentum to get them to send out a software update and we can get accurate readings from a £900 bike!!!

Zwift responded saying they took the outputs from the machines, so as far as I know there is no way of adjusting the power. I’ve been googling how to adjust the magnet resistance to fool it into thinking it’s on the same base level when it isn’t, but to no avail so far!!

It doesn’t make sense to me that Schwinn wouldn’t look into this. If they spent a little bit of time to solve the bug and release a patch, they’d sell a ton of these bikes! Seems really short-sighted.

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I just posted about this on their Schwinn Fitness and Schwinn Bikes Facebook pages. If you guys wouldn’t mind replying and expressing your concern for this flaw, that would certainly help push the issue.

I received this the other day so they’ve admitted there is a problem. I’m now chasing the company I bought from:

On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, 17:18, <> wrote:

Hello Andy,
Thank you for contacting Schwinn. I am sorry to hear this has happened.
Your best source for parts or service will be the dealer you purchased the equipment from.
We found that there was a console firmware issue and tried to catch and update consoles before the bikes shipped but some had already gotten underway. Your dealer will have a console with updated software for you
Kind regards,
Richard Albrecht
Retail Dispatch-In Home Services/International Support Specialist
Nautilus, Inc. | 17750 SE 6th Way | Vancouver | WA | 98683 | 800.861.7401 x 5152 | 360.859.5152 |

I’m assuming therefore that either the power meter is correct but the console messes up the readings or that the power meter is somehow in the console??

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I’d love if someone else could confirm this. At least it sounds somewhat promising…