SCHWIN IC4 + iPad Pro Pairing Issue!

Hello everyone!

This is sort of a nuanced connection issue to please bear with me. 99% of the time I have no connectivity issues… it just happens in this one specific instance.

I race with WTRL every Thursday and each week every team gets a different “delay time” in order to stagger the riders. During that delay time, riders need to stop pedaling so that they don’t leave the PEN early (which would start their teams ride time).

The first time I tried this, I just didn’t pedal for 10 minutes and during that time, my SCHWIN IC4 just lost the connection with ZWIFT and when I tried to RE-pair the bike with ZWIFT, my bike didn’t even show up. It was so bizarre!

As a workaround, I just started going to the pairing screen while I was waiting for my team to start… this way I could keep my WATTS going which kept the connection active between ZWIFT and my trainer. This actually worked for the past 4 months until the last 2 weeks. For some reason, this past week, even with active WATTS going and a connection clearly active (see below)

But when I tried to hit “LETS GO” and enter the race, (and this is where the bug happens) I get a prompt to RE-PAIR my bike again??? Just feels weird to have all my stats active in the pairing screen but then have ZWIFT ask me to pair my bike. If it weren’t paired, my stats wouldn’t be showing right?

Here’s what I see when I try to enter the race:

^^^ and I wait for seconds, minutes and my bike never registers. I should repeat, I never have this issue when I hop on my bike and log into ZWIFT for the beginning of a ride. I only encounter this issue when I’m forced to either sit in place not pedaling for a long period of time (loses connection) or if I’m in the pairing screen for too long and then I try to come back into the PEN to race (also loses connection).

Honestly, if ZWIFT could even re-PAIR with my bike, I’d probably lose 2-3 seconds and need to catch up, but the bummer is that ZWIFT isn’t even able to find my bike again.

Anyway, I would love some help with this. I’ve now had to drop out of races 2 weeks in a row which is super duper bummer.