School Project Feedback

Hi, for the past few months I have been designing and making a cycling rig for my school project.

I have upgraded an existing turbo trainer which I bought from amazon and attached a generator as well as a device to calculate speed and distance.
The pedal power of the user charges up a battery which powers two fans which are attached to the handlebars of the bike.
There are four different modes for the fans. Slow, medium, fast, and dynamic. Dynamic mode allows for the fans to spins faster as the user cycles faster and faster.
All of this is controlled on a box which is also mounted to the handlebars which displays their speed and distance on a screen.

The prototype is easy to transport and attach to any bike and aims to encourage people to start cycling indoors who may not be able to afford expensive indoor trainers/computers/

I’ve attached some images of the final prototype below and any feedback at all would be really really appreciated.

Thank you!

Cool, I like seeing projects like this. What sort of air movement are you getting with those fans? Have you been able to get a cfm measurement?

Seems like a cool project, much better than my A-Level project which was a gate!

Are the fans pointions adjustable? they seem fixed but might be good to allow the rider to aim them where they want/need.

If you could add a phone/tablet holder to it without too much extra work i think that would add an extra level of usefulness

Wow - very nicely done.

As long as the fans can be adjusted to point towards the rider looks good.

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Firstly, cool idea (pun intended). But whey does it have to attach to the handlebars? - an usually already crowded area of many bikes, and requiring tools for constant attach/deattach if the user doesn’t have room to leave this as a permanent setup.

get yourself an FDM 3d printer if you’re gonna do a lot of this, whatever career path you’re aiming for. carrying a bunch of PETG/polycarbonate parts around is a lot easier than aluminium pipes and project boxes

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Just occurred to me that this project could incorporate some aerobars pretty seamlessly, I’d think. A smaller version of the control box, with some forearm pads and hand grips.