Scheduling Rides for Make Up Days

(David) #1

Hi there,

I notice that it is now possible to schedule rides for stages 5-7, happening after the stage 1-4 make up week, but apparently not to schedule catchup rides.

I missed stage 2 last week because I was on holiday, and would like to get my schedule organised to find a slot to make that up, given we will be back at school and dealing with parents evening, exam prep sessions etc. so want to be sure I can find a suitable time to do it.

When is it going to be possible to schedule those? Or is it already possible, and I am missing something?


(Lauren) #2

On the Tour of Watopia Webpage, if you click “Stage Info” on the Stage 2 box, it will pull up a screen to where you can schedule it. Give that a try, and let me know how it goes!

Thanks :slight_smile:

(David) #3

Perfect … thank you.

Didn’t think to click into there, since my status was clearing showing as “Incomplete”. Figured I needed to click into the make up week somehow!


(David) #4

Hi there,

Can you tell me when it will be possible to schedule rides for the final make up week (it’s half term week so would like to plan ahead and get it scheduled in plenty of time). I am only missing stage 5, and clicking on Stage Info (learned my lesson from last time) still shows no rides available to be scheduled.


(Lauren) #5

Our last round of Make up days for all stages begins on May 27th, and goes until June 2nd.

Ride On!

(David) #6

Sorry, maybe wasn’t clear in my question.

I know when the make up days are between 27/5 and 2/6, I was asking when it will be possible to actually schedule rides for the missed stages. As the catchup is now next week I was hoping to get that sorted so I can work it into all the other stuff I need to do during half term.


(Lauren) #7

I’m sorry about that. You can schedule the make up days once it kicks off on May 27th.

(BA) #8

Lauren, it would be nice to be able to schedule earlier than May 27. I have a heavy travel schedule for work and I want to finish the 2 stages I missed. If that’s possible let us know. Thanks. (By the way, loved Stage 7 - nicely done!)

(Aaron Zwanzig [DIRT]) #9

If the second make-up period is similar to the first, each of the stages will have a staggered start during each hour of the make-up duration. You should have plenty of opportunities to make up all of the stages. Cheers!