Scenario mode?

Since I assume there is transponder data available for the key movers and shakers in most races these days (I think?), would it not be absolutely EPIC to have a scenario mode. For an excellent example one would need look no further than the World’s races a couple of weekends ago.

Picture the scene if you will…

A plucky 40y.o. neo-pro has made his way into a late breakaway with a class grouping consisting of Stannard, Boonen et al. can he help the group stay away and make a bid for victory, or will Sagan and the peloton bring them back for the reduced bunch sprint?

Here’s what I envisage happening:

“peloton” of ghost riders with key ghost riders programmed to mimick the actual actions of key riders in classic races. As a rider in the scenario you get a heads up message (say 30s in advance) of an attack and you choose whether or not to go with it… your actions from that point onwards will help dictate the outcome of the race, so for example if you choose to go in a breakaway you will contribute to the group and ultimately this make it successful where it otherwise might not have been, or try and hold on to the main group for the sprint finish and see if tyou can out pace Sagan.

Obviously there would need to be some kind of scaling in place, as the real pace and timings in a pro race would be somewhat out of most people (everyone’s) league, but that can’t be too difficult to adjust can it?!

Is this a good idea?! I don’t know, maybe I just need to get involved with more group rides on here!



Pretty cool idea

this is an awesome idea.

Just been talking it over with the guys at work (also cyclists) - the data is all there.

Model a stage of the tdf (very basic road surface with generic scenery), grab telemetry from the teams (yeah, this would be the awkward bit) and have it run in realtime from start to end of the race.

Ive always wondered how long I could sit in a pro peloton for, this is probably the only way ill ever find out.

The only technical challenge I see is the drafting benefits would have to have a cumulative element, like they do in real life


I don’t see that you need to exactly replicate precisely what has happened in an historic race, but you could have a peloton of virtual ‘pro’ riders who ride with the characteristics and power output you would expect of pros. So you could take part in a race if you wanted.

I’m hoping Watopia will sufficiently expand to be able to do the likes of a 100 mile stage with no repeated road.