Saving to iPhone

I am on the trial period and have the app installed on my iphone. I have just begun the 101 routines completing the 1st ok. However, I was not able to finish the 2cnd routine and stopped and saved my work. However, when I went back to it, the work accomplished was not saved and I have to start the routine from scratch.

Is this the way it works? If I make the purchase and do other rides/routines and want to stop before completion, will they save on my iPhone and allow me to carry on from my previous stopping point?

Thank you


You will begin at the regular spawn points for that route, you will not start where you stopped on a previous ride/run.

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Thank you Paul.

Would you mind explaining what a spawn point is? I am not familiar with the term.

Each route has it’s own spawn/starting point. A lot of them over lap so each world may only have a handful.

ok thank you.