"Save Your Ride Locally" feature [December 2021]

Hi everyone,

We’re slowly rolling out a feature this week that will help save your session should there be a network disruption while you’re uploading it. Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to increase rollout so more members will be able to take advantage of this feature, should they need it.

Should your session upload take longer than 15 seconds, you might see this new screen:

What it does:

  • This feature kicks in when there’s a network disruption between the Zwifter’s computer and Zwift servers during the save & upload process.
  • If the save & upload process hangs for more than 15 seconds, a copy of the session file is written to the player’s computer.
  • When the connection to the server is restored, the locally stored session will automatically push to the server until upload is complete.
  • This feature is operating system-independent. The user interface appearance may differ slightly among the OS’es.
  • The usual minimum activity rules (i.e. ride of 2 km, run of 0.8 km) still apply for sessions to save.

What it does not do:

  • It does not salvage sessions should the game app or OS crash. This feature only kicks when a network disruption of > 15 seconds interferes with the normal save & upload process.
  • In this iteration, there is no UI to notify a Zwifter that the locally stored session successfully uploaded to the server. Zwifters can confirm by checking their Activity feeds on my.zwift.com or the Companion app.
  • Sessions saved in this manner will not include screenshot images.