Save with Exit

I think it would be good to be able to choose to be able to save and close the app all in one go without having to go back to the world selection screen and then click exit.

Sometimes I just want to do one ride, click save and then close down my PC.

Anyone else feel the same?

(I am only semi-serious btw!)

O yes, since I don’t think I will need to use the exit button.


Yes, of course. There were several comments and some mockups in the thread when the “Return to Home Screen” feature got added.

I don’t understand the UX thinking behind the implementation really. Of course, a lot of people wanted to be able to “save without exit”. But not always, and not everyone. Replacing one “the only way” feature with a different “the only way” feature makes no sense to me.

You have my vote.


Yeah, it is pretty baffling, we want to add a feature, that doesn’t mean we want to remove one as well.