Save timeout followed by impossibility to login

Hi All,
I went for a 4h50 ride today.
Wifi router restarted at some point during the ride and I got disconnected and never connected back but I managed to finish the ride.
When saving the ride I had a save timeout issue then the zwift screen got frozen.
I restarted zwift and now I am having a message saying it is impossible to login. And I actually can’t login anymore.

Running on Apple tv + Wifi + tacx neo 2
Thanks for supporting

Have tried a reset of the Apple TV?

Is your Wi-Fi connection now stable?

I restarted the apple TV.
I don’t want to uninstall zwift to avoid losing the unsaved 5h ride
Wifi is stable

A couple of the regulars will be along soon I’m sure. Their expertise is better suited to the ATV.

@Daren one for you?

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