Save my Ride!

I’ve got a enhancement request I’m opening several will tag onto as well…

I am in the process of finishing my first ever Zwift tour…Tour de Zwift. I’ve had a blast doing it but because I am an adult with a full time job and I have a hard time fitting it into my morning schedule. I completed six of the nine stages. My first stage I was short 3.2 miles before I had to get ready to catch a plane. State six I had to leave at 1.7 miles, again I couldn’t miss my flight. I saved all of my completed stages. I missed stage 7 due to business travel but am catching it on the makeup day. My other two almost completed and saved stages, not really saved. Support tells me I have to start from ground zero and ride it all again. What?! Yes.

This leads me to the enhancement request…when we “Save” our rides, save them right where they are and let us complete them during the makeup days. This will help us working people!!!

Thanks for your consideration.

I understand where you’re coming from, but if you’re riding a 40km event
you do it all in one piece. Not part today and part tomorrow.

That’d be like saying you ran the Boston marathon when you did it over a few days.


True but in this case it isn’t a real person but instead a game piece for health and enjoyment. If it were a real person, a real event, well basically real I could understand being more stringent.

I Agree 100% Susan, I wish I could pick up where I left off in a workout. I just started the Active Offseason workout program and it started off with a 1hr 50min endurance ride that because I haven’t been on the bike for a few months, I wanted to do it over 2 days but still complete the workout for the program. I saved it 1/2 way through but the next day it put me back at the start… this would be a great upgrade to the programs.

Wow, thanks for the heads up Dave! I’m just getting ready to start the Offseason program but did not realize I would run into the same issue. I thought it was just the tours because they were only offered on certain days. I appreciate the info and will now adjust my schedule. Thank you so much!!

No worries Susan! I hope they make that improvement as everything else on this app. is awesome. Enjoy the program! Cheers, Dave

It makes sense that you would, because workouts are intended to initiate a specific training response. If you change the workout, you don’t get the same response; you’re not doing the workout as prescribed.

You might get away with it in some instances, but in general it isn’t a sensible approach to structured training.

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I don’t understand your logic here. You are not really following the training plan if you are trying to break individual workouts up and do it over a 2 day period.


I see your confusion but it all comes down to different goals and time allotment to get goals done. I will be doing the training program for health and no matter how many days I will be a stronger rider than if I wasn’t going to do them at all because of schedules and travel. Something is better than nothing. Nobody will hold Zwift accountable for not being ready for a race (or I wouldn’t think anybody would), it is still up to the person to be ready. All we are asking for is some flexibility, let the end user (ie the paying customer) decide how they will work it into their goals and schedules. Save the program where you are at the time, give us a deadline to get it done else it will be cleared out. We lose it, we lose it. This will not create a lot of disc space on servers if it is cleared out after a certain threshold.

Exactly my sentiments and thoughts - well said Susan. You can do this on other apps like Trainer Road.

Well, I understand your perspective. You should vote for it. =) @Dave_Mitchell1 too.

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Done! thanks I’m new to blogging… lol

i don’t think i want to be able to save progress in a training ride, personally. i do sort of wish that i could reconfigure some of the longer rides in a training plan. for anything longer than 1hr15mins i ended up just skipping it. doing something else in its place (but for less time) might have made more sense.

saving progress probably DOES make sense for a “tour of xyz” series, though – some of those rides take a long time. if there is any kind of prize associated with completing the ride, though, “saving a ride” should disqualify you from earning the prize.

Good point Dan, I don’t really keep track of the prizes anyway I just wanna get in shape for the spring… The 3rd ride of the Offseason workout is 2hrs and 20min so I would really like to split it up. It’s too earlier to sit in the saddle that long… lol

You know I could almost agree with that about the prizes if it were not prizes for an avatar, like a real jersey sent to me, a real person, then I’d say disqualify me because I didn’t get it completed. There is real cost in that. Even then, if we earned real jerseys, slap the Zwift logo on it and boom advertising on healthy people.

I hear you about the reconfigure some of the longer rides in a training plan. Good thought of a replacement.

Great ideas and conversations!