Save Login option on login screen

(Skye Nott SLKRS) #1

Kind of a pain to have to type in my email and password every time, there should be a slider to “Save Login” if my computer is secured by other means

(Thomas Champagne) #2

Yes. Boring to do that when i run game from my computer to TV. It render the setup before riding more complicated… it’s already long to prepare to ride…

(Ian Tucker-Outlaw Endurance) #3

Definitely agree! Not a difficult step, but one I could do without each time I ride

(T had {ATX.MTB}) #4

Agree. Note that if you click in the email field and then click again it’ll show you a drop down of your past logins. On mine, I saved the login info in the browser (Internet Exploder) and it carries into the initial game login. So, I’m not typing it in, but it is a few unnecessary steps. 

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #5

Absolutely agree.  This has been requested a few times, approaching a year ago when I first got to the beta.  It seems like far more of a security issue to have the ‘keep me logged in’ option on the website than the app, yet the website has it and the app doesn’t.

(Pierre Foucart (B)) #6

Yeah I don’t get why there isn’t a “Remember me” checkbox. It’s not as if having multiple accounts is a common habit.

This and the opening Terminal on Mac make the opening of the app pretty disapointing every time.

(Christopher Bosso) #7


(Daniel Townsend USMES) #8

If you really want this…make sure you “upvote” the request by clicking the up indicator that’s in front of the title of the request. I’m not sure that adding a +1 comment helps elevate the request.

(Sean Lally) #9

The only app I’ve ever seen that does this besides a banking app.  Not the end of the world if someone messes up my trainer stats…

(Brett Nye) #10

Just confirmed 1 with a friend that Windows have the save feature but not on my Mac…

(Michael D [BRT]) #11

Windows 10 saves your login email, just click the box next time you log in. A “remember me” tick box that saves your email and password would be nice :expressionless:

(.. Some Guy In PDX) #12

even coding that would prompt my Mac to keep my username/password saved in keychain would be appreciated.

(Donald Fast) #13

can we set login in a configure file?