Save & Exit and FTP update appears before group ride ends

(Hugh mcatamney) #1

the last two days ive done two group rides (timetrials) and within a couple of clicks of the finish the SAVE and EXIT to strava button pops up along with the updated FTP button (when its changed) .

When i click them i realise my ‘race’ data is not saved and i dont appear on results. Obviously because i haven’t finished the race. but why do es this pop up before im finished?

(Jason K) #2

The only reason we’ve seen this sort of issue happen is because the end ride button (ESC or Mobile Link button) is inadvertently pressed.

This commonly happens if you have the Mobile Link app paired and (sounds crazy, but…) you sweat on the screen, pressing the end ride button. Try riding without the Mobile Link app paired or keep it further away from your setup, and it’ll likely solve the issue.