Save color setting for frames separately

I just finished the California challenge, and was planning to start alternating the Everest challenge and the Italy challenge depending on what I felt like that day.

I was thinking of using the Specialized Tarmac which I just unlocked for climbs up the radio tower, and like my bike green.  However when the Zwift Aero frame is set to green, the Tarmac becomes purple, and when the Tarmac is purple it forces the Aero to some other color.

It’d be nice if separate frames’ color settings were saved separately.  I’d suggest that all the bike’s color schemes correspond to be the same, but I think it makes more sense to be able to set them all separately.

That way you could also set the Aero and TT frames differently to more easily tell them apart, as well as any other frames you want to easily be able to identify, to make sure you don’t start a ride with the wrong one that you just happened to use last ride but forgot.

Just an FYI on the subject of frame colors, I think only the manufacture’s approve colors are available/ The means that some bikes will have different colors available to it then others.  

I agree it would be nice to set the colors of the bikes and have them saved or have different setups of the same frame with different colors and wheel sets.

Don’t know if this is true. I have a black Canyon Aeroad irl, but cannot choose that color in Zwift. Would be nice :wink: Hope that this is added in the new customisation options Zwift is working on.

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