Save and return to a ride.

(i Middy) #1

I sometimes only have an hour in the morning and I’d like to come back in the evening and pick up where I left off.  Like a perma pause, not save and sent to Strava or push anywhere but I’d like to be able to shut down my computer and come back to the location and see the rest of the ride.

(Matthew Whitwell) #2

I’m often in that situation too but I disagree with your suggestion. It would make it too easy to clock up big distances and I think these should be earned. 100km in a single ride is a bigger achievement than 2x 50km with a pause.

(Cary Sporinsky TeamZF ZHR(F)) #3

No, a century is a century. Taking breaks does not matter. Yes, non-stop would be an achievement!

Save is not needed, but spawn point options would help in this respect when you can’t finish a long route due to real life.

(Kevin Brown) #4

If you just stop riding but leave Zwift running without saving, you will get the behavior you want.  When you come back that night, you’ll be at the same point with however miles/kilometers you rode before you stopped.

(Marko Hlibchuk Ⓥ) #5

Taking breaks does matter, Cary.  A few minutes to use the restroom or eat a snack is one thing but coming back 8 or 10 hours later?  No way would I count that as a continuation of the same ride.  Might as well tell people I just finished a 2000 mile ride with a daily 20-hour rest. Took me 4 months to finish this one ride. :smiley:

(Steve Copeland) #6

This is trolling right?

you ride, you stop you log. You come back later and you start again.  

Anything else is cheating and as it’s a computer game, you are cheating only yourself…

(Kevin Brown) #7

I agree that to really count as a single ride, you should have minimal breaks (bathroom breaks, replenishing fluid & food, and a quick stretch are fine) but no extended breaks (measured in hours). 

However, to each their own.  It doesn’t matter to me if other people want to use another definition (i.e., in a given 24 hour period with a multiple hour break) and claim they did a long ride.  I’m only competing with myself.

(Carol Bult) #8

I would love to be able to pause a Zwift ride and come back to it. The idea that this request is a grand plan to cheat on Zwift is silly. When I download my outdoor rides from my Garmin it tells me the total number of hours on a ride as well as the actual number of hours that I was moving. Zwift could do something similar…report a total time for a ride along with the time spent on pause.

I was mid-way up Alp du Zwift the other day and had to step out for a few hours because that is how life is sometimes. I just left the program running and finished the ride when I got home. Would have loved to have been able to pause the ride or quite and start up from the same point later.

All the negative comments about this request baffle me.  People wouldn’t have to use a pause feature if they didn’t want to. The beauty of Zwift is that it can be used by people in many different ways. There could be competitive events where pausing was not allowed – but for day to day use of Zwift it seems to me like it would be a useful function for many.