Satori Smart worth it? Or just need Tacx Booster or Blue Motion?

(Chris Tomasini) #1

Hi folks - I’m going to upgrade from an old “dumb” trainer, and neither care enough to buy a smart trainer, or want to spend the money on one.

I’m pretty curious about the Tacx Satori Smart. My understanding is that it will transmit my power data to Zwift on its own (don’t need speed or cadence sensor), but that it won’t change resistance.

So… that’s fine, but except for the fact that my 2004 Cycleops Fluid2 is getting noisy and clunky, I’m not too worried about using the speed sensor and cadence sensor and letting Zwift calculate my wattage for me… so maybe I could just save a few hundred dollars and buy one of Tacx’s “dumb” trainers… like the Booster or Blue Motion.

Anyone have any thoughts either way? “Yes the Satori Smart is worth it because of _____” or, alternatively, “nahh… just buy the Blue Twist… it’s fine for your needs”?

PS - anybody using the Satori Smart and can let me know if it is a seamless experience, or if there are ever any hiccups with it?



(Paul Allen) #2

I have been using a Tacx Satori for about a month and I have had no issues. Tacx just recently updated their app so now it is easier to make sure you have it calibrated correctly (proper pressure on tire). The trainer connects to Zwift without issue. You are correct in that Zwift cannot change the resistance on the trainer, but that is not a big deal.

I was using a dumb trainer with a Wahoo Blue S/C using BLE and I was really struggling to get it to work correctly. I am so glad I updated to the Satori, my training has gone to a whole new level.

I got mine on Amazon $239.

(Chris Tomasini) #3

Wow - $239? I’d have bought it already with no debate if I could get it at that price!

I’m in Canada… the list price up here is basically $500.00… Up here… $239 gets you Tacx’s 2nd model up from the bottom… the Blue Matic.

Thanks for your thoughts Paul.


(Chris Tomasini) #4

paul - do you know if you have the Satori “Smart”? apparently there used to be a plain old (non-smart) Satori… which I don’t think is available anymore.

Just curious - thanks!


(Paul Allen) #5

I have the Satori “Smart”.