Saris trainers

I see all kinds of connection problems with Wahoo. How is the Saris h3. Thinking of a new trainer but don’t want to go backwards.

I have the H3 and it is flawless. But if you have connection issues then you might want to fix that first. Try ant+ on a usb extension cable and put it close to the trainer.


Thanks Gerrie. I think my problem now has more to do with the graphics card in the old laptop I use. I do use a USB cable close to trainer. Only use ant+.

I’m not sure how a problematic graphics card will in any way effect the connection issue of the Wahoo, That problem would still exist with a Saris.

You’d be better off investing in an alternative source to run Zwift by the sound of it.

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You can try RGT using bluetooth to connect to your phone as the control hub. This would remove the ANT+ and PC from the equation (as well as Zwift). Or you can try connecting to the Wahoo fitness app and see if that gives you the same problem. Lastly, if you can, run Zwift on your phone using BT. I agree with the others here, it is best to diagnose the problem before you start to throw money at a solution and new trainers are not cheap.