Saris Trainer M3 Resistance too High

Hi, my Saris constantly turns the resistance too high where I can’t even pedal.

I believe the calibration is completely off and I can’t figure out how to adjust it.

I constantly reach points where I can’t even pedal unless I stand put my enter weight on a single rotation.

Please advise.

Have you downloaded the Saris app and tried to calibrate it using that? That would be the first step.

Hi @Ilan_Fehler, welcome to the forums.

Are you experiencing this while doing a workout/training plan with ERG mode enabled?

Yes exactly.

I put on one of the Zwift workouts and ride.

And yes I downloaded the app, ran the firmware update.

Road for 10 minutes then calibrated.

Yes exactly doing one of the trainings

I think you are experiencing the “spiral of death”, in ERG mode the trainer will add more resistance if your cadence lowers, so the trick is to keep a high cadence the entire time, 80 or more (unless the workout calls for a low cadence interval, but that probably won’t be less than 60 rpm).

Yes exactly but I can’t hold it as the resistance gets out of wack

You need to keep your cadense up.

Did you do a FTP test are your FTP set correctly.