SARIS H3 - clicking noise

Has anyone experienced a on-and-off clicking noise on some of the Watopia routes on their Saris trainer recently?
I had it on Tempus Fuguit at 2% on different section of the route for a while then nothing for weeks.
It came back yesterday half way up Alpe d’Zwift at about 9% although fine when doing the route earlier this month. Noise is not constantly there. It comes and goes on different sections of certain routes in Watopia at different gradient levels from 2% upwards.

Check the skewer spacers and ensure they are snug. Other than that there is a youtube video where someone breaks one down and points out what he thinks is the problem. (Link in comments section #170 or so in the H3 review on DRAINMAKER). I have two units and they click to varying degrees…mostly more noticeable during steeper climbs (such as Alpe) or when letting off of the pressure and going to lighter watts. Smooth pedal strokes seem to alleviate the click.

I cannot get Saris to comment or get back to me on this issue and the crappy PS connector that failed on my first unit.