Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

One more thing: On your ATV under settings->privacy->bluetooth the only thing I have is Zwift and it says enabled when using app. I have no other BT devices listed.

I Have Apple TV 4th gen, not 4k. That’s why I was able to downgrade the TVOS. 4th gen has a USB C port that enabled me to connect my Mac to the ATV. As for Cyclops v. H3, do they run on the same firmware? I am running latest firmware version which is 31.063.

Here’s an example from Strava. Take a look at what happens at about 12.6 miles. H3 (but not HRM) drops and reconnects twice and then both H3 and HRM drop leading to unplugging H3, reconnecting and restarting.

Same version but I noticed that in the notes it said something about “H3 only” so while we have the same version it reacts differently with each device. BTW I had to update so I hope I didn’t break anything in doing so. :man_shrugging:

When I look at your Strava graph I assumed, that word again, that you got off and grabbed a beer or snack or something and then tried to explain it away as a trainer dropout. :rofl::rofl:

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Still going through my same process. Unplugging ATV and moving it downstairs to my trainer set up before every ride. Unplug the H3 and reconnect within Zwift before every ride. HRM connected to ATV as well as BT headphones to the iPhone for music. Going on 5 weeks now with no drops, 6 rides a week usually. Truly baffling why I’m having no problems and everyone else here is.

Well, “everyone” is another one of those dangerous words. There are so many settings in the ATV that it’s difficult to pin down specific issues. Like in privacy there is a Bluetooth setting, and there is a setting for background app auto update, so many things could cause a small glitch in some setups and not others .

I didn’t mean it as EVERYONE is having problems and only I am free of them. I just came here after I had a dropout and was looking for answers. I’ve only had two dropouts since I got the H3 and ATV in December. For me, the glaring thing that’s different for me is the fact that I’m constantly moving the ATV to my bike downstairs. I’m pretty sure one of my dropouts came after not moving the ATV upstairs for streaming purposes, thus leaving it at my riding station and not restarting. Others have stated that the restarts have helped them for a few rides, but then say they experience dropouts again rather soon after even with those steps.

I just looked at the privacy settings for BT on the ATV. Says Zwift has access while using the app (assuming that’s the default, as I’ve never changed it since I bought the ATV 4K in December). Location services are off, if that has any effect on things. I have automatically install updates and such off, but I am running the newest version of Zwift (and the H3 firmware).

I know there are a lot of variables with BT connections and such, but as we’ve gone along here for a few months, it seems others have the same setup as I do, so that’s why I said it’s baffling.

Obviously it would be sweet if Zwift even slightly cared and actually looked into the issue, but we all know that’s not going to happen. So, I guess I’ll just continue to cross my fingers and enjoy my rides until the weather gets nice enough to cancel my subscription.

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Sharing my experience with H3/Apple tv 4k.
I have about 35 rides in, usually 1-1.5 hours in length, and have experienced zero drop outs since my first ride in early December. Apple tv, zwift, and my H3 are all at current levels. My Apple TV and H3 are unplugged (no power) until I get ready to ride, my Galaxy 10 with companion has blue tooth turned off. My H3 handles everything but my Polar 910 hrm which is also through the Apple TV.
My only weirdness (has happened twice) was that I immediately noticed at the start of the ride that my resistance on the h3 was 180 degrees out i.e. easy uphill/hard descent. Backed out the ride, re-paired, and all was good.
I now have have probably jinxed myself and the drop outs will start on my next ride. Good luck to all who are experiencing this problem, I know it would drive me nuts.

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Same here, Christopher! Only thing I ever experience is the backwards resistance, but I do just as you say and go to the menu, unplug H3, back out of the connection and reconnect within Zwift.

I’ve been away for awhile, looks like plenty of action in the thread.
Well, two simple changes and my issues have gone away. But, I’ve said that before. What’s new:
Verified BT bridging is turned off within the Companion App.
Went into iPhone settings, then to the Companion App and turned BT off.
Before I start a ride make sure Companion App is closed.
With @Lin_Alan suggestion I put phone in airplane mode.
Start game and pair H3 and HRM.
Start ride and let everything stabilize for a couple minutes, then start Companion App.

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@Lou_Glaser Is your APTV unit laying flat or mounted vertically? I had some dropouts early on when I had the APTV mounted vertically. Seeming that the orientation of the BT antenna in the APTV was handicapped when vertical. Also I moved the location of the APTV so it is right in line with the left side of the H3, this is where the electronics are located. My working distance from APTV to the left side of the H3 is about 64".

My ATV sits flat on top of the same console the TV is on - so horizontal. I have it placed with “direct line of sight” to left side of H3.

Well my good luck Bluetooth charm is gone!
This one hurt my feelings! I was 90 minutes into the Saturday morning climbing race (9:00 AM Eastern, 7:00 for me) and I stopped. The course was the four horseman so I am suing for mental anxiety, emotional damages and potential loss of wages since I am 57 and it could be my last year to go pro.
I tried the trainer power disconnect, and then closed companion and then closed zwift and restarted, 3 strikes and I was out. When I selected resume activity I did get the cool ET flying bicycle over the canyon and took a picture but I was riding the road and no longer in the event. That poor guy I was trading pulls with is still probably looking for me…
I entered another race at 9:06 and it went well except my 90 minute warm up may have been too much for my little chicken legs.

Just wanted a fun vent. Maybe tomorrow… At least I got a good workout!

I can honestly say the only way I’ve solve my ATV 4k is not use it, I’ve tried every scenario and the problem is so intermittent sometimes you luck out other times you just drop out.

I am using my iphone SE with zwift loaded on it directly connected to my TV via HDMI cable adapter with this method I have Bluetooth running streaming music tomy Bluetooth headset and have never experienced any dtops.

There definitely is a bug with the H3 and TVOS & Zwift on ATV 4k in my opinion, till that’s fixed I guess my ATV 4k will be an expensive paperweight

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@Rob_Mitchell Arrrgh, that really sucks, things had been going well for you!
Since last report I have had another couple trouble free rides, makes me wonder when the other shoe will drop.
After going back through the thread the only principle difference that I can tell between my current setup and others is that I have stuck with the .062 H3 firmware. I have stated it before but will again that I experienced some quirky behavior to include BT drops with the .063 flavor. I know the .063 update stated improvements with Bluetooth but that might depend on when your H3 was produced. So before completely throwing in the towel you might try winding your firmware back to .062 and giving it a go.

I will have to give that a try to back rev the firmware, I believe that is done through the Saris app it’s definitely worth a try

@K_Leite_BSTT Yes, go to Saris App, then settings and select “Advanced Firmware Options”. Then you can go firmware update and wind the firmware back. Don’t forget to recalibrate after.

The ATV TVOS downgrade honeymoon is over. It ended today as follows: closed out Zwift app, restarted ATV, paired H3 and HRM, and started a workout in Erg mode. Had iPad on wifi with music playing via BT earbuds. Head unit connected via ANT+ to Stages PM. 47:45 into work out, the H3 disconnected. Did not see an ATV remote disconnect pop up. H3 not only disconnected, but no lights on H3 were flashing (no blue flashing light). Could not upair and re-pair H3 in Zwift, so paired Zwift with Stages and completed the workout. Strava data below showing the telltale complete drop of the H3 about 47:45, but not the BT HRM. Data pick up with Stages paired (didn’t realize cadence wasn’t paired until a bit later).

I have no explanation for why this happened today. Had followed same protocol for two weeks with no dropouts. Like others, the only thing that I have used and NOT experienced a dropout is my Mac laptop connected to the TV.

So what were the H3 lights doing? Blinking green? solid anything? No lights at all?