Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

no lights at all

That means no power to the trainer. Could the power have become disconnected?

Trainer was still plugged in. On the power cord for the trainer, there is a rectangular box that plugs into the wall outlet. There is a green light on the box when it is plugged in. The green light on the box was still on. I unplugged the cord at the trainer, plugged it back in and the trainer light started to blink again.

That is something that needs to be brought to the attention of Saris. Basically your trainer shut down completely and I am not sure software could even cause that. I mean software does control the leds but to have no leds at all indicates, to me, that power was cut off. It could even be in that brick that goes between the h3 and the plug.

Not saying this is related to my issue or that it will solve all problems, but I just saw that a new Zwift game version was released today. In the release notes it says:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause iOS and TVOS clients to crash on rare occasion.

TVOS version release trails PC, Mac and Android release so hopefully shows up soon.

I just update my ATV an hour ago

Thanks @Bob_Gorman_Splunk_65 . On the no blinking light, I note that it says disconnected or “sleeping” and pedal to wake up. Not sure how it could go to sleep if it was active and transmitting until it dropped. Given that downgraded TVOS wasn’t perfect, I may upgrade TVOS and Zwift and give it a go, knowing I can always downgrade again.

Let’s all see how the new version works.

It’s very odd. I sent a tweet to Saris asking what could cause the H3 trainer to either sleep or lose power in the middle of a session.
I would recommend you open a ticket as well because something is fishy and it could even be your power converter.

Updated the Zwift ATV app before today’s ride and I experience my first “no-light” situation during a ride in NYC. 30 mins into it, lost connection to the H3 and I looked down and no lights. With previous drops I’ve always had the blinking green I believe? Quick hopped off, unplugged the H3 and it automatically reconnected and I could continue my ride, unlike the other two BT drops where I had to completely close the Zwift app.

This sounds really odd. So either the software is putting the H3 to sleep (LED off) or the power is being cut (connector, plug, cable or power converter)?
But, if it was the power source then it seems that a quick unplug and plug back in would not work. It’s sounding to me more likely that the H3 software is going to sleep and not recognizing the pedaling which is also weird.

I have had 3 completed rides in a row! Lotto ticket time!

Tuesday Ventop, Thursday stage 1 and this morning stage 2.

Although this morning I went total solo rider the last 1/2 mile up the hill., everyone disappeared? I was worried but it confirmed I finished, but I can’t log in to zwift power to check all the sudden and will try later.

I did update my zwift version on iPad Thursday and was sure it was a bad idea but it worked. I did not update the companion ap after reading people were experiencing problems (on Friday again).

I stopped using my blue tooth head phones this whole week to remove them from the list of potential blue tooth turf wars and turned off blue tooth on my phone and had Garmin watch off as well.

iPad running zwift, phone running companion ap and considering a mandatory blue tooth ban for all others in the area while I pursue my Olympic dreams.

Hope stage 3 goes error free tomorrow. Glad my weather forecast is shifting to outdoor riding.


Two rides with updated Zwift version and TVOS updated to 14.4. No drops. Two rides outdoors in unexpectedly warm weather. No drops either. Going to stick with outdoors!