Saris H3, ATV Bluetooth dropout

Sorry to hear @Jim_Benn. For giggles, I used the ATV this morning as well. H3 and HRM connected via BT and even BT headphones connected to iPad on stand. Erg mode workout for an hour and no drops. You are right, the only constant is that if you want to minimize risk of drops, use a PC or Mac.

It’s been two weeks now with no drops after this morning’s ride. HRM and H3 connected to ATV, with BT headphones or speaker for every ride. ATV is mayybe 6 feet away from the H3. Still have not updated the Zwift app though, waiting to hear if the issues others are having with BT connectivity get resolved before I do that.

Just wondering, is everyone else running an ATV 4K?

Yes, I am running a 4K unit.
I wish mine was an earlier unit with a USB jack. There is considerable discussion in another thread where guys have been able to wind the iOS on their APTV units back into the 13 series and eliminated this whole issue. Unfortunately the USB jack is required to do this process.

Just 4th gen ATV for me - not 4k

Lou, you might interested in reading this post then.

This post is 26 minutes old, the twerking around just never ends.

Interesting. Still going to hold off updating for a day or two and see how the community reacts. Can’t jeopardize the good luck/streak I’m on, hah.

Kyle, if what you’ve got going on isn’t broke, don’t fix it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Jim_Benn. I may try the ATV rollback especially if the Mac/PC updates are creating new problems. Will let this group know what happens.

OK, some late breaking news. New Apple TV iOS update out today. Version 14.4 [18K802] lists only “This update includes general performance and stability improvements” as the update content. It has been my thesis for some time that it was an Apple update in late October that caused this whole train wreck. At least that’s when my issues started. So I was excited to take it out for a test ride. I did so with the H3 and my Wahoo HRM connected directly to the APTV. As an acid test I cranked up Spotify on my phone and streamed it BT to a sound bar. The ride went great, resistance was right on the money, no latency, and no BT drops. Certainly a single ride does not break a long bad trend but this was encouraging.
If anybody else tests this out please post your results.
P.S., this ride was done with the most recent Zwift update.

Apple TV release notes are the worst. They tell you absolutely nothing.

That said, happy to hear your ride went well.

From another thread.

Did a ride today, things went technically perfect. Blasting tunes via BT and all.

Maybe things are fixed now?

Just did a 60 min ERG workout with zero problems using new update of tvOS 14.4 on Apple TV 4k and new 1.0.61590 version of Zwift. Feeling hopeful! :slight_smile:

Posted details of my setup and previous problems in the other thread Jim linked 2 posts above.

Updated the Zwift app and Apple TV iOS last night after reading promising things from everyone else. All worked perfect for TdZ stage 5 earlier this AM. Seemed like the latency with resistance on hills was better than what I experiencing before (which was not bad by any means, just felt like it lagged by a second or two sometimes). Fingers crossed this finally resolves the issues everyone was experiencing with BT drops!!

Similar update. Setup was ATV, H3, Companion App on Samsung galaxy, Garmin HRM. 90 min ride last night, no issues… fingers crossed…

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Updated ATV 4k iOS, updated Zwift app and just finished a ride. 1 hour into ride, I lost remote control and Saris H3. No good, back to MacBook for now.

@Joao_Flores sorry to hear that, we were on a roll there.

I’ll try again on the next update. Has anyone looked into Apple tech. support to see if they have any suggestions?

@Joao_Flores Yes, I talked with Apple support several weeks ago. Their position was it’s up to the App developers/providers to stay up with them, not the other way around. So, no help there other than the complaint being logged.
A quick question for you on your H3 firmware. Are you using the 31.062 version? The reason I ask is I have had flaky things happen with the most recent 31.063 version.