Saris H2 lost resistance while in non-ERG workout mode

funny thing just happened. i was doing a non-ERG workout and about 45 minutes in the trainer lost all resistance.
i check the connections and the H2 was connected.
i had to unpair, and then reconnect to get it going again

is this a thing?

Happens to me a couple of times per year usually in the same general area (centre of the main Watopia island such as Figure 8 route). I reach over and unplug/plug the trainer (luckily I’ve got it plugged into an extension cord that I can reach from the saddle) to reset it and all is good.

did it again yesterday, right at the start of a group ride. and again today. both times in sim mode.

Any chance there’s a microwave oven operating at that time within say 10-20 feet of your trainer? It’s unfortunate but 2.4 GHz is the dumping ground of most household wireless protocols and ANT/BT got put into the same dirty spectrum… the same one where microwave ovens operate.

My H2 gets disconnected if my wife uses the microwave in the next room.

nope, no microwave oven
happened AGAIN!! while i was attempting a RAMP test in ERG mode. lost resistance at the 140/160 watt segment. tried 2 more times on different courses, and happened at the exact same point.
this is really pissing me off now

i did a 45 minute warmup in the 45 minute “rider’s choice” non-ERG workout mode about 20 minutes before starting the RAMP test. and have been using this mode for weeks now, without incident.

rebooted my computer (imac 10.15.7 if it matters). unplugged, rebooted the trainer and did a calibration.
the resistance loss comes right in the middle of the 120 watt segment, right when the “red confetti” is blown on the zwift avatar.

update: just did another ramp test in non-ERG, and got to the 200 watt banner without incident.
going to do another, again in ERG mode just to see what happens

update #2: just did the ERG RAMP and now i’m not sure what triggers the red confetti, because i did not get it on this round, or the previous non-ERG test, but it seemed that it was pure coincidence, or maybe not, i don’t know.
BUT, i got up to 220 successully in ERG.

i think what might have been the problem was trying to “chase” the target wattage, instead of letting zwift control the trainer. because thats what i was doing in those first few failed attempts.

i hope this is the correct diagnosis.
at least i am now warmed up for tomorrow’s attempt