Santini Mission week 4 showing "not available" on multiple platforms.

I was going to do the final week of the Santina Mission this evening [May 29], but it was showing “not available” on the screen.  First tried tvOS, but then got the same results on iOS [screen pic below] and also Mac OS X.  All showed “not available.”

The Italia mission was designed based on the definition of a week from Sunday to Saturday. For example, the first week was from May 1 - May 6, which ended up being six days because the mission started on May 1. Because of this definition, the game code closed the mission last Saturday (May 27), as it was the end of week four. The mission prompt still showing up was a display bug on our end.

We’ve learned a lot from how this mission was promoted and displayed, and our game and PR teams are making improvements to our next mission to ensure things are more clear in the future. Sorry for the confusion!