Sandbag higher category riders in lower category races

Eric Min has proposed detecting higher category riders in a lower category race and then ghosting them so they are invisible and can’t be drafted. The problem with this is that these sandbaggers will still affect the race up until the point that they are detected based on going over performance metrics.

Instead of ghosting these riders, they should be sandbagged. That is, they should be forced to drag a sandbag, connected by a rope to the seat post, around for they next 2 hours, including after the race. The sandbag should increase their weight by 20kg and their rolling resistance by a factor of 20.

So what should a higher level rider do if they want to participate, but not affect a lower level race? Allow them to choose to be a ghost before the start of a race. This way they can get in a fun workout without such a grueling pace.