Samsung Tab A incompatible?

Yes, I’m able to watch other riders. My sensor is a Garmin Speed Sensor. It connects by ANT+. I tried using bluetooth as well but no luck either. It connects fine to my Samsung S9 phone.

Is the speed sensor Bluetooth and Ant+? Not all android devices support ANT+.

It’s ANT+ only that I’m aware of. But I tried Bluetooth as well, just hoping it would connect. I also downloaded an ANT+ plugin on the Tablet. But that also didn’t help. This setup I’m trying is just temporary. I have a new Wahoo Kickr core on it’s way. It should be here in a week or so. If I have to delete zwift and just use the Wahoo app I guess I’ll have to go that route.

The Wahoo should be Bluetooth and Ant so that should work on the tablet. Yes some android devices don’t have access to the ANT+ radio.

I just downloaded a few more ANT+ radio app plug in. I’m going to see if that helped at all…and it didn’t make a difference. It sounds like this version of the TAB A doesn’t have the ability to receive ANT+. How does a person know if a tablet has the capability? I’d think the latest and greatest version would be all you need. How very frustrating.

With all the different Android options it can be very hard. In the device spec they should list ANT+, but most of the entry devices don’t.

The good news is your new Wahoo can communicate using Bluetooth.

but I won’t be able to use Zwift at all then? Or will the Wahoo Kickr Bluetooth signal connect to Zwift?

Hi @Devin_Walker

Yes you will be able to use Zwift, if the wahoo kicker transmit using Bluetooth, most of the newer trainer do Bluetooth and ANT+.

Ok. Once my trainer shows up and I get it up and running I’ll report back to see if it works with the TAB A. I’m crossing my fingers.

The fact that you can open the app and see other people riding is a very good sign that you will be able to ride.

Let us know.

will do.

The only supported Galaxy Tab A - T587P runs 6.0
The system on a chip (SoC) is the Qualcomm MSM8953 (Snapdragon 625)

How do you find a TAB A with that model number? I’ve tried searching and can’t find anything.

So good news and bad news. The good news is it connected through my Wahoo kickr over bluetooth. The bad news is after about 30 to 40 minutes it would lose the connection. The first time I was using it I was doing an FTP test. It made it about 25 minutes and lost connection. I started over and did just a typical Watopia ride. I made it about 40 minutes into the ride and it lost connection again. This was using the Bluetooth connection. Every time I started up Zwift I had to tell it to look for the Kickr. It took a few minutes but it found it. But again after a little bit the connection was lost. I used my phone (samsung S9) and it connected immediately using ANT+. So unless you only want to do about 30 minutes rides, the TAB A I have is no good. The model I have is SM-T290. I was told by a samsung rep that most TAB A’s aren’t equipped with ANT+. I’m guessing that’s why only certain model numbers of TAB A’s actually work. I guess I’ll use my phone for now.

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