Samsung Tab A incompatible?

But that is not in the post of what is required.

The Tab A 2019 model is not a cheap or bottom end model and there are a lot older models of phones and tablets that do not have as much power.

Looks like I will be sending my footpod back.

Yes Dave I noticed that they does not list the GPU min requirements, very strange.

They do say the Tab A is not supported.

May appear downloadable, but NOT supported

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Tab A, Tab E,
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, J7.

I did see it was not supported but it’s not clear as to why. Like you said the GPU is probably one reason but I think that Zwift are being too fussy as what devices are able to run the software and what is not.

The quality of the product is important but it should really be able to run on mid range Android tablets that are less than a year old.

I have just been reading reviews that the Adreno 506 is good for gaming

I have started the returns process on my footpod and is such a shame as it looks good.

Got Tab A and Zwift membership for Christmas and now it doesn’t work… Ralley??? It even runs on my Huawei P30 lite smartphone. Disappointing

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We’re cyclists who just want to get a quick training ride in the basement when the rest of the family is on the PC or watching TV.
Graphics resolution is not important.
As you can see, we’re currently running on old cellphones and other platforms so anything on the Tab A would be a step up.
Thanks for listening to us.

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Hi Bill

I am just pointing to the Zwift minimum system requirements. There must be a reason why it is not supported, and I assume it is just not stable enough to run Zwift due the the GPU performance.

There is no reason for zwift to block a device that can run the application the more devices that can run Zwift the more users and that mean more money.

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I don’t think it is that simple, actually.
Zwift worked quite well on my previous tablet, then one day the new update was “incompatible”, and we couldn’t use it on that tablet anymore. The device didn’t change, the game looks no different, and yet for seemingly no reason it is not deemed worthy anymore. (reported to Zwift support, no change months later).

My current tablet is definitely more powerful than the Samsung Tab 2019 (Snapdragon 660, Adreno 512, 3GB RAM), and worked quite well… until something broke with the latest update - I can see Zwift in the Play Store, I can click install, and it downloads to 100%, then suddenly decides it cannot install. (reported to Zwift support yesterday, lets see if/when it gets fixed)

I don’t think whatever system Zwift is using to allow phones/tablets access is as flexible as it needs to be.
Just as topics pop up every time a new PC GPU is released that can run AAA games at ultra settings in 4K resolution, yet isn’t allowed to select Ultra in Zwift.

A better solution might be: On first run, check if it is a known device. If it is an unknown device (be it a phone, tablet, PC GPU), run a benchmark, and recommend settings from there, or warn the user if the device is likely to struggle.

I have done the same mistake, I have bought TAB A with Android 9 to use with Zwift only. How upset I am to discover that it does not work you can imagine.

My elder tablet worked with all other apps but NOT with ZWIFT.

How ridiculous this selected equipment list is we all know. What is Zwift going to do about this situation?