Samsung Tab A incompatible?

In the same boat here … just bought a 2019 tab A 10, for the sole purpose of zwifting, and zwift isn’t in the play store.

Seems quite ridiculous, based on the fact that it has considerably more processing power than some of the listed devices.

I mean cmon… 2gb ram, octo-core processor, 32gb storage, HD screen res. Should run it quite comfortably, but no its blacklisted. Its very frustrating.

Please make this device compatible @zwift dev team. The 2019 update has made it more than capable.


Yet another user here that would love support for the Galaxy Tab A. Would also love it if Zwift would provide an invoice or receipt for the monthly charges.


wow! I wish I had found this forum BEFORE I bought my Tab A! Mark me down as another frustrated/angry Samsung buyer and Zwifter.
Funny thing is that Zwift does run on my LG G6 phone!
Silver lining is that the Tab A will run Zwift Companion.
So, I run Zwift on my phone, and Z Companion on my Tab A. Kludge.

But, to get started, I had to spring for a $175 adapter to get my Keiser M3i to connect to Zwift.

This has been a very expensive adventure.


Yet another Galaxy Tab A user that is disappointed with the new gift they got. Seems like a 2019 name brand Android tablet running Android 9 should work on zwift. Please fix. Also, please bring support to Chromebook.


I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019) tablet as it was a good spec and would run apps like Zwift. Having just researched it all and thought that the running part of your offering was a great idea, I find it is not compatible.

But, I am refusing to go out and buy a new Android tablet just to use it and do not want to buy a more expensive Apple iPad or use my laptop as there is nowhere to put it.

Zwift need to up their game and support the newer tablets that can handle more complex apps.


I also have a Samsung Tab A SM-T580 and would like to use it for Zwift. Please consider supporting this model. Thanks.


Also just got a Tab A for Christmas and very keen to use it on zwift! As everyone has mentioned before the tablet seems capable and the app was apparently available for download in the past for these tablets. So please could someone from zwift

  1. reply to explain why there is now a problem.
  2. Tell us when they think it WILL be available on Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

We are keen to give you our monthly subscription, so why not sort this problem?

Please reply zwift. Many thanks


I would like to know why samsung tablet A is said to be supported but turns out not to be. Could someone from zwift comment to this?

have to agree with everyone here…Galaxy Tab A has plenty of horsepower to zwift…this weak.

I’ve just ordered one myself. Whilst I’ve not ordered it to use for Zwift it would be useful if it ran it and I’m really surprised it’s not supported.

Just joined zwift, was looking to use my Tab A 2018 when away from my computer. Please enable support.

Zwift, you can’t just let us dry here!! I’m using zwift on a very old iPad mini… Just bought a brand new tab A, not even questioning compatiblity as it said min Android is version 6 and tab A comes with version 9… The spec reason can’t be true… This is very bad publicity… I’ve been zwifting for 3 years and love it, but really here you need to do something. You can’t force us to buy expensive machines - your interest is to have as many zwifters as possible, not to become an elite software… Just do something please.

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Hi, i am in the same situation and don 't understand the ZWIFT policy for this great samsung tablet.
If you select the demo on the website it Works great, and Tacx software runs also without any issues. Please recheck and change the policy directly.
Regards Ronald

I am a cyclist, not a video gamer.
I value the training and social aspects of Zwift, but don’t really care about the quality of the graphics. I suspect this applies to most of you customers on the Android 9 platform.
Please support the Tab A even if it’s in low resolution.
Riding outside in the cold rain and wind is starting to look better than Zwift.
Ride OFF?


Companion app works, why not Zwift!!!

Welcome to the zwift forum

These are to completely different apps, the Zwift app need a good graphics processor to render the 3d graphics but the companion app only show a 2d map.

Another request for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, amazed that it is not supported!

It look like the Tab A only has a Adreno 504 GPU. I don’t know if that is enough for Zwift.


Not sure what specs you have but the 2019 Tab A 10.5 has 3GB RAM and has OpenGL ES 3.1 which is more than Zwift min specs needs. Also has the ARM processor as well.

The minimum specs needed are:

  • Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture)
  • 1 Gig of Ram minimum
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher

The Tab A meets all these so what is the issue?

The GPU is a very important part that you need to look at, Zwift is very GPU intensive.

I found this for the TabA 10.5,
It only has a Adreno 506 GPU.